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Previously I'd been using a laptop -> hdmi cable -> denon receiver -> hdmi cable -> samsung led tv setup. For the most part, this ran well. However, from time to time I needed to fiddle with the display settings (duplicating the desktop again, which sometimes gave me weird random errors) in order for the TV to pick up the PC signal.

When I first booted up my new desktop, however, the TV immediately recognized the connection (with the boot screen), and I was able to get started installing Windows without a problem. I went off to get dinner, shut off my receiver and TV, and came back home expecting it all to work again.

Nope. Turned everything on and no signal was recognized. Eventually used a direct hdmi cable connection between the PC and TV in order to get a picture. However, after restarting (after installing gpu drivers), I can't even get this to work now. I am essentially without any monitor, so am unable to mess with any device settings.

Any reason why this might happen? Seems weird to have fluctuations with my connections for seemingly no reason. I also have no idea how to proceed in trying to fix this, other than calling the Best Buy geek squad and maybe bringing it in.