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Picture Quality Lakers Basketball on Time Warner Sports Network

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Mini rant warning. Just wondering if anyone else who's a Lakers fan with a large, revealing flat panel or projector is unhappy with the picture quality compared to the consistently good quality we always got from Staples Center with Fox Sports West and Prime Ticket and KCAL on the road?

Actually I thought opening night at Staples was pretty spectacular on my 8.5' wide 16x9 Hi Power screen with excellent recent JVC projector from my Charter Cable hook up. When they are given a great signal I get a great signal. Was concerned that unlike Fox and KCAL they might have bit starved macro blocking as does TNT now with some cameras from their NBA coverage. But since then.....yep....at home and on the road a number of their cameras images are really suffering from exactly that with any motion. Oh......yeah there is some motion in basketball....who knew?

A couple of years back I would come here and just hammer ESPN for their artifact ridden NBA and other telecasts but starting around 2 years ago they and ABC really got their act together and now consistently put out excellent uplink signals to the bird for distribution. TNT has slipped in past 2 years with the same annoying macro blocking on motion from certain cameras.

Just seems to me with as much money as Time Warner has and with the Lakers being a prime acquisition and franchise for them now that they should be able to get their act together and get rid of the portions of their coverage that look bit starved and have so much blocking going on. Especially if Fox can do it and KCAL can do it. Prime Ticket as well is clean in that regard. And ESPN. Maybe on smaller displays this is not much of an issue but they keep getting bigger and many people have projectors now as well. When it's good from an event it can be glorious. But when this bleep is going on boy does it show.

Come on Time Warner Sports Net..... get your production values up to par from ALL the cameras please!
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I've noticed it on a few of the road games but the home games look okay to me. I just chalked it to problems with the feed they were getting.
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The Lakers games have been too painful to watch this year. I hardly notice the PQ frown.gif

How do the clippers games look? You should CC your complaint to TWSports.
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