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Hi all,

I'm going crazy over here. I bought a Sony Blu-Ray plyer (DNV-NF720). Great device but.... I can't connect to the internet. Strangely internet is working on the Sony player, but it seems like the gateway is not responding.
I looked at other topics on this forum and they say that the ping to the ICMP has to be on. That should fix the problem.
I have a router ZyXel P-2812/F1 and I have tried to connect to it and that doesnt work. My default gateway is
I tried to type this in my browser but I cant connect to the router so I could change settings in there. Anybody any idea what to do.
I tried to connect my Ipad with the app MediaRemote to my Sony BDV-NF720 but that doesnt work because the Sony is unregistred in the network. On my PC suddenly there is a hidden network. Has a red cross anyway so I cant do anything with that.
I working on it for two days now and have no idea what to do????