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Hey all,

I'm new here and this is my first post.
I am looking to buy a new projector up to 2500$ US.
here is what I need and what I currently have-

will be used in watching movies and sports events(not games)
I want it to be 3D.
I can make my room totally dark.
don't care if its has more noise then others
projector will be place about 2 meters from the ground about 50-70cm from the ceiling.
I have the curtain(forgot the name) of the projector on the wall where I can display the movie.
I want it to be 1080 full HD.

I know I'm asking a lot for this price range but... that's what I have for now.
Was thinking about the w7000+ its about 2k US $ for now but I heard that the lamp life is really low and below average.
can you recommend something for me? and if you need more details please let me know.

Thank's in advance.