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Opinions on buying "factory refurbished" AV receiver...

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I looked at the forum categories, and found nothing which seemed like a specific place to post this, so I'm doing so here. I appologize if this is best listed elsewhere.

I'm looking at buying a new AV Receiver (and some new speakers) and I'm trying to assemble a short list of good internet retailers from which to choose. A few offer significant savings on new models which are factory refurbished. Particularly, I'm looking at the Denon models.

Is there a consensus or some reviews here, comparing the refurb models to BNIB models?

Also, besides the obvious sponsor links and sponsor sections of the forum, is there also a list somewhere of the most popular Internet retailers?

Thanks so much!
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The Denon new models will have either a 2 year or 3 year (CI models only) warranty, while a refurb from an authorized reseller or Denon Direct will come with only a 1 year warranty. Denon lists their authorized on line resellers on their website, the most often recommended in this forum being AVS Sales and Electronics Expo, although several others will provide "discounts" off MSRP when "calling" them as well (ie. listing MSRP on their websites). For the most part there are no issues with refurbs, however, just as is the case with a new unit, it is possible to receive a defective refurb (esp. noted with the 3312CI).
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Thanks so much. Great info.
It's a hard call on the Denon refurb. Accesories4Less has the 2113CI for $400! Granted, I know nothing of that retailer, whatsoever...
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AC4L has been around over 10 years and often recommended in this forum for refurbs, only becoming a Denon authorized refurb reseller Oct 2011.
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Hmmm...that's really good (dangerous?) to know. Even with the shorter warranty than BNIB, that refurb price might be too good to refuse.
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You will also want to look at your credit card company purchase protection policy to see how the warranty could be extended.
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RIght. Amex will extend the warranty an additional 1 year (must use Paypal though if purchasing from AC4L) as well some MC/VIsa providers as well.
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Another option is buying "used" units that still have confirmed and transferrable warranty left on them.
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Not sure about other brands, but Denon and Marantz warranties are not transferable, rather the seller must provide the original purchase receipt and the buyer should hope for the best.
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