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Wanted: Sony SA WX900 Subwoofer, Please help me find this

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$600 (USD)
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Sony SA WX900 Subwoofer, Please help me find this

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hi all,

I have been searching for A very long time with out luck. So since this is the Site i come to for all my home theater questions, I figured it would not hurt to ask here.

I really want/need to add A Sony SA WX900 Subwoofer to my system, I am okay with paying for shipping, I am located in Milwaukee Wisconsin USA.

So hopefully someone here has 1 they are willing to part with,, or knows of how I can obtain one.

Any help in me finding this Sony wx900 subwoofer, I would be Great full!!

BIG Thanks, Andy
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anyone? I am really in need of this Thanks RiZ
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Just me again refreshing this thread.
I am still VERY much interested in purchasing this Sony SA-WX900 subwoofer.

I have not personally heard this Sony sub perform, I just read about it and since I have all Sony ES equiptment I would like to have A matching Sub.

I have the Sony SA WX 700 ( the little brother to the 900) and was pretty impressed with the performance to cost ratio. I bought the SA WX 700 6 years ago, new from circuit city. It only cost 160 out the door, this sub was for my family room system., But the on board amp has stopped working. This is why I would like the SA-WX900 model to replace it.

If there is anyone who is reading this thread, and has heard or owns the sony SA-WX900 Sub-woofer could you please give me your experiances with the sony SA-WX900? How well would it perform next to my Sunfire True Subwoofer "Signature" series(13"x13", 2700 watts) that I have in my theater room system???


PS-I found 1 for sale on ebay but.......... it is located in the United Kingdom, they are asking $700 us dollars(quite A high price for this sub that sold when new for 500-600). I would consider the asking price but not with the cost to ship it to the USA..........$800-$1000 US dollars just for shipping!! I beleive this is A nice Sub, but not worth that much.

Anybody with info about this sub PLEASE let me know.
Thanks again, AndymaN
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I have 4 SA-WX 700. They all stopped working one at a time (the last one just recently stopped), but when they all four worked the sound was undescribable, I imagine it must be what one SA-WX 900 sounds like. I have been searching for 5 years for a 900, but like you had no luck. There are a lot more of these in Europe then in U.S., so they occasionally pop up for sale over there but apparantly the owners know how sought after these are, thus the high prices (I snagged 3 of my 700s on Craigslist at steal prices). I am looking into replacing parts to get my 700s working again, since I miss their tight and musical sound. For a comparable alternative to a 900 (for home theatre mostly) I am considering a Rhytmik F15 which is a closed sub and I suspect may sound as tight as the discontinued Sonys.
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Hi there,

I have a WX900 sony sub in excelent condition, I do not have any front speakers anymore so I am stuck with the SUB which only gives me great BASS but no mids and treble.

I would let it go for R4000, which works out to about $500.00.

I will work on the price if youre still looking for one.
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Just sent you A PM. Sorry about the delay but I have been out of town on work.

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Did you get the 900? What are your impressions, does it live up to your expectations?
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If someone is still searching for the SA-WX900. This person said that it is new, still in the box, and has been trying to sell it for a while. The auction ended already but can still be found if you search for it under ended auctions. The user is stealthrc. The asking price was really high, $1200, but this person was accepting offers.

eBay item number: 171117425743
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Curious if the SA-WX900 from seanvniekerk was sold?
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