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I recently rebuilt my HTPC and now during movies I get occasional pitch shifts. No one else notices it but me so it isn't very obvious. I only notice it during music that has some type of sustained pitch. It is always a shift down in pitch, never a shift up. I haven't fully isolated when it happens and not, but so far I think it happens when playing movies in VLC 2 that I ripped from a BluRay into an MKV container. The first time I heard it I thought it was an intentional effect on the movie to make it sound like a really old celluloid movie pulled out of the dust bins. I cannot say this happens with all movies or if it is restricted to just VLC2, BR rips, or MKV files. Although I am leaning toward it being VLC2/BR related since I don't notice it with PVR recordings or DVD rips to mpeg files.

My setup is an AMD 6 core (I know, overkill) with 8GB RAM, Denon AVR 3311CI using the onboard ATI HDMI out for video and audio going through the receiver. I am running on Windows 7 64bit and did a very clean and lean install. For my BR rips I use MakeMKV to do a raw rip into an MKV. I always keep all English audio tracks including the lossless track. VLC does a good job selecting the best track.

It is possible this doesn't exist and it's all in my head, but I don't think so. Has anyone heard of this before and have any suggestions how it would happen?