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Help deciding on Canon VIXIA HF M500, some specific info?

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So I am new here. I am glad I found this forum because I LOVE technology! Computers, phones, TVs, audio equipment, all that stuff. Just so awesome. Anyways.
I am getting a camcorder. But I am not made of money, so for now I am just getting a little consumer model. In the future I am definitely gonna go for a more pro model though. I am a "noob" to this division of tech (filming n stuff), but I DO inform myself as well as possible because I want to try to make up for my lack of experience. I was stuck between the Panasonic HC-V700 and the Canon VIXIA HF M500, but I THINK I have decided on the M500.

What I was looking for in a camcorder
Mic input and accessory shoe so I can add a shotgun mic.
Threaded lens barrel for filters and hoods n whatnot.
Something that works good in low light.
Good image stabilization.
$300 - $400 range.

Well, both the V700 and the M500 fit that! I mean, really from what I have read they are both exactly what I need.
There was just a few things leaning me more towards the Canon. The fact that it has an accessory shoe on the camera and not a separate attachment, the lens isn't a wide angle so there won't be vignetting with filters and hoods, it can film in 720p (I dont have a super powerful computer to edit clips) and also 24fps, and the low light sensitivity is better. But now I want to know a little more specific stuff because of what I plan on using the camera for.

I have been into filming, like, short films type stuffs. It is just so fun to me. I made a steadicam to get good shots but my camera was crap, just my phone (shoots in 1080 but still) I want some better filming equipment. That is why I want the mic input, for good audio. And then the 24p... well I have read a lot on that recently.

From what I understand the 24p kinda gives things a cinema look, but its only a small part of what does it. Then there is depth of field... I was wondering what all control I would have over that aspect with the Canon. I mean, I have heard you can do a lot more advanced stuff in manual mode on the M500, I wanna know if I can get that shallow depth of field to give my short films a good look. I know, there is no focus ring, the sensor is not very good compared to pro stuff, blah blah blah. I know some people will want to say "For what you want to do, NO consumer camera will work, they will all be crap for that" Well yeah compared to what? My films wont look like a Steven Spielberg? OK well obviously I am not going for that. Will it be acceptable considering I am coming from using my RAZR? Will I be able to effect the depth of field at all?

My films will be like SUPER low budget, more like no budget. I am into the horror genre (thus my want for low light capabilities) but I am gonna be trying to give a creepy vibe to my movies from the camera shots, overall atmosphere, creative story/plot, etc. Not so much gore and makeup effects. Will I be able to get it to look decent at all with this camera? Is there a better camera for the same price range (<$400) that will have better features so I can get a cinema look to it?

Thank you in advance (:
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I don't have either model, but I've read in the Canon user manual about the Portrait mode that uses a large aperture and blurs the background. That feature is probably worth researching.
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Oooooh yes that sounds promising! I will read up on it (:
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