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Would appreciate some help getting the best out my speakers.

I currently have
MS Genie 5.1
Klipsch Synergy SLX 5.1
Mission FS2 AV 5.1

The Missions are a set and need to use their own Sub so I'm probably not going to use those for now.

I'd like the optimum mix of the Klipsch and Genies in my 7.1+2 configuration. I was thinking SLXs for FR, FL, C, with Klipsch sub.

so a combination of my remaining two SLXs and five Genies for SR, SL, SBL, SBR, PR, PL.

Not sure which channel needs the better speaker or even if I will notice the difference, as I've never used a system better than 5.1 before.

So Surround Back and Presence channels are new to me. I am using Yamaha RX-V673 btw.

How should I best configure this speaker setup? Thanks in advance
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