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"It ain't right,till you make it right" theater build

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Well I figured I would start a thread to document my progress , tell my story, and get input on where the build is headed. This is my first ever theater in my first house. I had to give up controlling interest in the rest of the house to have my “man room”. Recently I was granted permission to start working on the room. Since then, my plans have changed and evolved into a dedicated theater room. I have been reading and studying for many years in preparation for this moment. Needless to say I’m excited to get the room to a point where I can play my first film…

So where the room started…
The room is roughly 13x25. It started out as possibly a mother in-law suite. It had hook ups for a sink sticking out of the wall and a second laundry room downstairs. The walls in the room had that cheap wood paneling and popcorn ceiling. All this had to go. So I ripped out the walls and put up drywall. Then I made the mistake of scraping off the popcorn ceiling. That took many hours and many gouges in the ceiling which had to be patched and sanded. The process sucked!! But the result was well worth it. My thought was painting a popcorn ceiling black would just not work out in the end, so lets get rid of it.

So the current state of the room has new drywall that is primed and the ceiling has 1 coat of black. I tried to get the “ mickey mouse ears” black at my home depot but the paint lady said that color was not in her system. So she said “what color are you looking for?”, I thought she must not know who mickey mouse is, and responded as black as you can make it. She mixed it with 12oz of black pigment and…its black  I have chosen a wall color which is a dark purple, but have not painted yet due to other projects in the room that will dirty up the walls.

Over the weekend I built the screen frame and put some drywall on it. It should be in the 140” range once it is trimmed out. I will be spraying it with a silver fire mix.

The screen will be hung in front of a fireplace that is in the room and be movable in the situation I need access to build a fire. My next project will be to build a framing system on either side of the fireplace to bump out the hanging location about 2’. And I will be using a metal French cleat system(from HD) to hang the screen(which is becoming quite heavy) on either side of the fireplace.

After I build this and feel good that it will support the weight of the screen, I will remove it all from the room and refinish the hardwood floors, paint the walls, and trim out the room. Then move it all back in for the final install.

Once I figure out how to post the pics from my phone I will post the photos that I have taken. And will continue to post as the build continues. Thank you in advance for any comments or suggestions. The project is ever changing so only a few things are set in stone so far.
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this is where is all started..tearing down wood panels


screen construction

thanks for looking. i will post more as i continue to build things.
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Put on a skim coat for the level 5 finish. Should have it sanded and primed this weekend. Also hope to get the framing started for hanging this beast.

In the past few days I've altered the plan a little. After the screen is done. I will be starting a diy speaker system. Going to do 5.1 statement speakers with a Dayton sub. I will use the dirty theater room for the build prior to refinishing the floors. Very excited for the speaker build. They look amazing in others build threads. Weekly update for ya
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bought a few tools and some MDF and started cutting from the plans. screwed up a few cuts. had HomeDepot cut the sheets down to fit in the car(wagon) and the pieces might have been a bit large to handle on my own. got 2 out of 4 good. but the ones i messed up didnt ride down the guard straight and the cut is all funky. live and learn. started glueing the pieces i cut correclty and will be in stand by for more tools to arrive and the speaker/crossover order. pics to come...
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Well I have made a little progress on the statement towers. I got my tools in and had zero clue out to set up the hitachi router I got. So I practiced on a few scrap pieces then figured I'd round over the mid tunnel edges for practice and I'm sure it won't hurt any sq.

Also jumped on an onkyo 809 receiver this week. Amazon had them for like 480 something. Seemed like a sweet deal. We shall see how we'll it performs. Hoping I can get some serious work done on these towers over the weekend.
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Screen looks rather large for that space, where are you putting your front speakers? Doesn't look like you'll have much space, but it could just be the pics....
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The screen is pretty freeking large. But I figured if I start big I can mask it smaller if needed. The fronts have about 20" on either side of the screen. And the screen is about 2' away from the wall behind it.
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Little update on the build. I got all the wood for the statement speakers all cut up this weekend. The speakers and x-over parts should arrive this week for the left and rights. Got the neo3 ribbon tweeters on Saturday. Hoping I can get some sound out by Sunday. Also received an onkyo 809 from the amazon sale and purchased a stereo integrity 18 D2 for low frequency duties. Subwoofer build will be last. But I wanted to have it in the house when the time comes.

Thanks for looking...till I build something else smile.gif
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Got a package biggrin.gif

SI 18 D2 smile.gif
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Originally Posted by redstopgreengo12 View Post

My next project will be to build a framing system on either side of the fireplace to bump out the hanging location about 2’.

If you haven't finished this yet, you might consider using the space behind your new walls as bass traps. You would fill the voids behind the new walls with fiberglass insulation and then, instead of drywalling the new walls, you would cover them with acoustically transparent fabric.

Or ... Maybe you could use one of the new walls as the baffle for that monster sub. The void behind the wall would be the "box" for the subwoofer. I don't know what size box the sub needs but you would have a bunch of volume to work with -- 2' deep x 8' high x maybe 3' wide (guestimate from the photos) would give you 48 cubic feet. It might not be the ideal location in the room for a sub, and it would be a challenge to build it air tight, and it would probably shake the heck out of the house framing -- but it would save you from having a big sub box in the room somewhere.
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I haven't gotten that far as of yet. But the bass trap idea could be a winner. The framing isn't really a wall. It is only a structure on which to hang the screen. With the bass trap idea it could look like a wall if I pull it off correctly. Ill have to see how much room is left after I build everything and place the speakers next to the screen.

I'm thinking a giant sub box is my best/only option. While it will take up some real estate in the room I think I can work it in under a window and build a rack to hold all my A/V gear next to it. We will see.
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Crossovers +1. Watched a few scenes from tron legacy on my tv to test the x-over build. Surprise. I did it!! Even on the floor these speakers sound awesome. Can't wait to get them in the cabinets. Hope to get atleast 1 done this weekend smile.gif
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+1 speaker !! It's been done for a few days. Was trying to hold off untill I had 2 to listen too. Couldn't help myself. Had a buddy over and we carried this beast upstairs to the tv. All I can say is WOW.

I also purchased wood for the stereo integrity 18 today. Should be an interesting build.

Looks like I should have the 2 towers done this weekend. Have the mini and center statement cabinets assembled in the next week or so. And the sub box will be an entire project which I'm looking forward too. Then finishing process on all of what I build. Phew. I can see a light at the end of the build. biggrin.gif
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Size reference... That's a Sammy 55" being dwarfed next to the statement
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Recently finished building this puppy. Stereo integrity 18" D2:)
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That sub is amazing. Do you think you could build me one? I've been looking for something like this to fit my home theatre.
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Another view during the build. Phew. Building more!!??! PM me
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From the start of a stack of ply.

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wow that is cool!
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Little update

Back on the grind. Took a break from building theater things to build a paradise for the pet ducks my wife got for her birthday. Yes. I did gift them. Seemed like free duck eggs would be fun.

Back to theater things. I have the 3 remaining statement cabs built. Waiting to pay off a CC to buy the remaining components. Bout a grand.

In the meantime I'm working on wiring an outlet in the ceiling for the projector and doing lighting. So far I have torn out the existing can lights and started planning the new lighting. Got some good help from scandal on what to get. Still I am unsure of how to get what I want.

As of now I'm thinking 4- 4" cans over the seating and 3-4 more upfront with gimbals to point toward the screen. Only thing holding me back is the 4" cans are way more expensive. So I may opt for 6" over the seating.

After I get all that wrapped up and patched...it's paint time.

Still have the floor to deal with. Thinking about just painting the hardwoods black and running a carpet/rug down the middle. Still open to ideas for that. I can have them refinished for about $800 for the 325 sq feet. And carpet is more expensive than that. So my thought was to buy a length of carpet and have the edges surged and use as a long rug. We will see.

Thanks for viewing....until the next update
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I missed the first time around, but I'd like to say WOW!! Very cool work on the speaker build

Originally Posted by redstopgreengo12 View Post

Still have the floor to deal with. Thinking about just painting the hardwoods black and running a carpet/rug down the middle. Still open to ideas for that. I can have them refinished for about $800 for the 325 sq feet.

$100 rent floor sander, $100 for stain, 100 Saturdays.. JK wink.gif... 1 Saturday and your done for under 3 bills... If you can do that with a stack of plywood.. Imagine what you can do for the floor..

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Your right. What was I thinking. Paying someone doesn't fit my build theme. I guess I should start looking for rental prices. I imagined the rental and sand paper alone would cost $300+ and the stain/poly would be about $200+ . The thing that sucks is the hardwood floor is a negative for the room but positive for future resale. Guess the proper thing would be refinish and get the giant carpet rug hybrid.
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little update on the build.

I have finished painting the room, wired and installed all my wall sconces and recessed cans.
Next step is clean up my giant mess and refinish the floors aswell as finish the remaining 3 statement speakers….money money money. So it is slow coming, but it is moving

crappy iphone pics. but that is progress as of today
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moving right along. rented a drum sander and went to town. spent a few hours on this process.

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while im thinking about it. if anyone who sees this thread who has never done hardwoods before....becareful with the edge sander. not sure what happened ,but that thing put some serious swirls in the wood....spent a bunch of time fixing the damage from that.

live and learn...looks legit now though biggrin.gif
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stained a small area and felt like it would look okay, so i laid it on the entire floor...looks pretty good i think. The area between the seats and screen will have a carpet/rug to stop the glare. next up this weekend is putting down coats of poly. should be a smelly house smile.gif

pulled the trigger on the remaining parts for the mini statements and center. that stuff should be at my door by friday. got a busy, long weekend ahead...and pretty freaking excited about it.

pup and my crazy quackers..just for fun wink.gif

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built remaining crossovers from MINI statments and center. the 68UF cap was on B/O till 19th so it will be a little bit before i can finish that 1 x-over(they sent 3 out of 4 mad.gif )

still working on cabinets. sanding back side of baffels to let the speakers "breath" takes forever!!

should have that done and glued up by weekend...then skimcoat bondo and paint them

the biggest acheivement of the long weekend is the floor!! biggrin.gif

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Floor looks great! Keep it up!
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+1 Those speakers will look fantastic sitting on that floor.
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Icing the statement mini cakes!!! biggrin.gif

first attempt at body filler to fix any blemishes and seal the MDF for the paint to come.

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