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Im currently running 3 centers as my fronts and center (cerwin vega ve-5c's). Don't beat me up too bad, I got the setup for free so it is what it is. Moving on... newegg is having a sale on the Polk Audio Monitor60 Series II floor speakers.

AVR: Onkyo TX-SR607

front L,R & C: VE-5C

peak 150watts
freq resp. 60hz-20khz
dual 5 1/4"+ 1 1/4" tweeter

front L & R Polk Audio Monitor60 Series II

peak 200watts
freq resp. 38hz-25khz
(3) 5 1/4" + 1" tweeter

Im looking for more range in my fronts, I feel like the low-mids just arent there in my current setup. the subwoofer doesnt make up for it either but thats another thread. im swapping my CLS15S for a Polk PSW505.