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I have a SAMSUNG UN55d800 LED Smart TV. The Bluetooth module has gone bad. I have ordered a new one to repair the TV. Does anyone have information on the location of where the module is located in the TV, is it easy to get to, any repair manuls floating around?
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I wish I can help you. I have the same issue with mine. 6 weeks after warranty expired and Samsung doesn't want to know me.
Good luck
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Well I finally found the part online. Be careful ordering, Here is the Bluetooth module info you have to have this TV model.
BN96-17107A, WIBT20, RF UNIT for SAMSUNG UN55D8000YF. Samsung did a major no-no, they changed the design of the plug on the Bluetooth module without ever changing the part number. I fould the best way to look for this part was to search on Google Images for WIBT20, the correct one for the UN55D8000YF is the grey one with the black plug.

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If you lay your TV down flat On a table (on a soft towel), you first need to remove all the screws of the central metal enclosure. After that is taken off and set aside you then have to remove all the screws around the black plastic back bezel. Once this is done, lift the black plastic bezel starting at the bottom left and work your way down towards the right. Then work off the top half. NOTE: you do NOT need to unplug any cables and take it fully off. Now that you have it loose if you look under the lower left hand side of the plastic black bezel by lifting it up a bit you will see the bluetooth module I have posted here. in the prior post. It has a smaller size phillips screw then all the others you have already removed. That's the grey plastic rectangle is the culprit.

ALSO: Samsung advises to test if your bluetooth module is working to use a smart phone and search for Bluetooth devices. If you do not get a hit, the your module has gone bad and needs to be replaced. When it is working your smart phone will find DTV Device.
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I have a new samsung 55 UN7000, and it has been repaired twice because of qwerty remote and glasses not pairing, Talked to the third tech scheduled by samsung to do another repair today and he said it sounds like bluetooth module.. did you install yours yourself ? and where did find the right part number and where did you order it.. your post on here is great help, I would be truly gratefully to any advice you may have.. thank you greg parrott gregparrott@windstream.net
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I took my TV apart to get the part numbers off of it to allow me to find it online by searching Google Images as i had stated. Be aware, It is helpful to take a picture of the module and send it to the company your buying the replacement from to verify it is EXACTLY the same part. I recieved the wrong one 2x from www.Shopjimmy.com The again the wrong one from ALLPROTV parts (stay away from them. I wound up using LCDTVPARTS they had my part. sent them the photos and they assured me it was the correct one. Yes i installed it myself.
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When he comes today to fix it, watch him do the work. (Take a photo of the module with your smartphone to keep as a reference) Have him order you a second module so you can have it as a spare. The entire battle for me was finding the part. Samsung did not have it avalible direct to the public.
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The thing about mine is, the qwerty side of remote and glasses dont pair, but tv still pairs with samung android phone and new samsung tablet...any thoughts on it still being bluetooth module problem ?
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That's odd and does not make sense. On your phone and on the tablet, delete the DTV from Bluetooth devices to make sure it really is finding now and not recalling it from a past state try this first. If it finds them again it is not your module. The qwerty remote can be tricky and may even need to be reset. The glasses should definetly pair however if your buletooth module is working as you state. You may have to reset the bluetooth connection on the remote. First try pairing the remote again, (make sure to put brand new batties in also.


If No luck try reseting

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I have a UN55D8000 and recently lost any bluetooth connectivity. After searching the web I found this thread. Per this thread I found the correct BT module on ebay and ordered it. Yesterday I tried to install the BT module. I removed the back panel and the plastic bezel only to find that my tv doesn't have this module. The only module I found was the WIDT10B wifi module. Am I missing something?
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OK, I was so confused as to why I couldn't locate the BT module that I purchased the service manual for the UN55D8000. In the service manual I found that there IS a bluetooth module on the TV and it is part of the IR remote wiring harness which is a big clue as to it's location.

So today I dismantled the rear of the TV again. I removed the plastic bezel as describe above. This time I followed the wiring from the IR module and found the BT module. It is actually mounted on the plastic bezel attached with a screw. The above description from Patrick71 failed to mention that.

Also, the BT module in my TV is the BN96-17107B not the BN96-17107A as mentioned above. So Samsung must have used a couple of different modules maybe depending on where the TV was manufactured. Luckily, the connector for the BN96-17107B was the same as for the BN96-17107A so I was able to use the BN96-17107A in my TV. The module works correctly so no problems with compatibility.

BTW, the part number in the service manual is BN96-17107A.
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Wow, what a conincidence to be able to find a thread with an exactly similar problem.

Mine is a 2011 46 Inch TV model UN46D6300. A month back my Samsung dual sided QWERTY keyboard stopped pairing with the TV. No matter what I tried, including resetting the pairing info, it would not pair. I got this TV in Nov 2011, so it is 1 year 10 months, so 10 months over warranty !!

Looking at others also having this issue, it does not look like they make things to last long. They seem to fail few months after warranty expires.

I called Samsung and they made me do the reset and pairing thing and then asked me to turn bluetooth on my cellphone and see if I can find the TV. And it did not. I did not even realize this TV was using bluetooth to connect the QWERTY side of the keyboard to the TV.

I called the local service place here in Toronto, Canada that Samsung gave and they gave an estimate of $150 for labour and $20 to $30 for part. Luckily I got this TV using a mastercard that doubles the manufacturers warranty, so I just opened a claim with Mastercard. Lets see how things go.

I am not as brave as you guys to do it myself, but commend you on doing it and sharing the info on it. As the Webbrowser in this TV is not that great anyways and that is about the only thing I used that remote for, I am not going to attempt a self repair and mess something else up. The Smartphone apps are able to do rest of the things.
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Oh what a bummer. Mastercard wants an estimate and the Samsung Authorized center wants $30 just to give estimate. They promise to adjust it againts the repair. But all I want is to get a confirmation that Mastercard warranty doubling would pay for such a repair.

I did find out that the module on my TV (UN46D6300SFXZC) is BN96-17107B as per this site that I think Samsung runs.


I will have to think how to proceed since on my TV, having this Bluetooth is just for that QWERTY remote to function. Other than that, it is not used for anything else. It is terrible how little these things last. TV is just 1 year 10 month old.
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I own a Samsung (PN51D550C1F) 51" 3D plasma TV and after 16 months it stopped pairing with the glasses and was not putting out a Bluetooth signal. I disassembled and located my Bluetooth module (BN96-17107A) directly under a plastic piece that covers where the stand bolts onto the chassis. I removed the electrical connector and re-seated it, reassembled the TV and tried pairing the glasses again before ordering a new Bluetooth module. It paired right up without a hitch. Thanks for the assistance with this, it took maybe 15 minutes and a Phillips screwdriver. (I'm taking the wife out for a steak and lobster dinner and playing the lottery). Good luck with yours. :)  

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See my post. Good luck with yours.  

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Wow.How do u guys even know how to open it up and locate the part ? I am sill fighting with Mastercard extended warranty insurance. I am scarred of opening up a $1400 gadget that is only 1 y 10 mnths old.
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