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Prometheus Blu-Ray and Shadow Detail.  

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I consider this a reference movie for evaluating and comparing shadow detail. The shadow detail is so good that there is detail well below 'black' which is obviously intended to be black. The shades of black in the underground cave scenes are very, very detailed. Even dark scenes on the bridge of Prometheus. Console panels are hidden by shadow just beneath reference black and other details right at 1% and 2% black. The better your TV is at producing black detail, the better this movie will look.

I have a HTPC which the HDMI output had a differing contrast and black level compared to my Sony Blu-Ray player which is connected to the same TV. I set two different settings, one for each device. Then I went about syncing up the two by adjusting the brightness/contrast offsets in the video card driver. I used Prometheus to obtain a spot on match between my blu ray player and my HTPC output (when putting each device on the same paused frame and comparing where black details were just becoming visible with brightness adjustments). Prometheus and it's incredible shadow detail allowed me to sync up the HTPC's video blacks levels with the Sony Blu-Ray player. I used the Monster "white shirt" contrast test video loop to set the contrast as close as I could.

I was just curious if anyone else found that Prometheus' black detail to be as good as I did?
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I appreciate the discussion you are trying to start....that being said, most titles that have been out for a while have dedciated threads to their discussion. Here's the thread on Prometheus

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