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Videogon help (favor)

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Anybody a member of videogon that could do me a favor and send my contact info over to a seller on their site? I've tried to register and have not gotten a response from them, their support or anybody in over 10 days despite multiple attempts.. I cant send this seller on their site an email without being a registered member.....

PM me if you can help.

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Check your messages.
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Could someone please PM me about this as well? I'm having the same problems as the original poster and I want to give my contact info to a seller on the site. I registered, but have been waiting for days and still nothing. Is Videogon slow or what? mad.gif
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All summer I tried numerous sellers and got no response. I thought it was weird but I just gave up on them
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I am registered and have a couple JVC projectors listed; (trying to sell one or the other, not both), and don't seem to be getting many responses. I wonder if there is something wrong with the site. I can't load pictures and emails to their customer service email address bounce.

PM your info and I'll see what I can do. I have a feeling the messages are not getting sent to the sellers.

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I, too, tried to register for Videogon a few months ago, as I found myself in need of replacing a projector, and there were a few I was interested in listed on Videogon. Failed numerous times, and I am already a member of Audiogon. I, too, gave up.
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I tryed a couple weeks ago to regisiter so I could sell my HW30 but I'm still waiting for a response back from them. Then it says if you are having problem click this link, alot of good that did, still waiting. I wonder if they even have a moderator monitoring the site.
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Same here. Was a pj there i was interested in and I couldn't register. Posted here and someone who was already registered pm'd my email to the seller and I never heard from them. I think videogon is GONE!!!

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Sellers just need to include your email. There are new things going up all the time
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Whenever I go to Videogon now, it goes to Audiogon instead. maybe it merged?
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Same here with the diversion to Audiogon and I was unhappy and not sure why a projector add I placed only a couple of weeks ago or less was gone while others say 30 days to run. What's the deal with time frame?
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