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I've opened up my Optoma to clean out dust blobs and such many times but I followed the guide on this site and really cleaned it out good over the weekend. Put it back together and I can get the unit to turn on and fans spin but it won't actually light the bulb to project. It just flashes green for a minute then eventually ends with a red light over the bulb.

Well, I thought it unlikely that the bulb burnt out at the same time (I took it out for the cleaning) but it's actually on its 2nd bulb so I put the old bulb in (was working when removed, just not very bright) and same result.

It's got to be a cable or something stupid I'm missing. I took it apart again and put it back together just to try it with no difference.

In my mind it doesn't make sense to return this thing to Optoma to have them take a look at it for $120 (not including parts). Heck, it was like $500 when I bought it 4 years ago. Any ideas on what I might be missing?