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Kaleidescape Announces First High Resolution Download Movie Service!

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This is really super exciting news for Kaleidescape owners. http://www.cepro.com/article/warner_bros_brings_highest-quality_video_downloads_to_kaleidescape_servers/

(full disclosure, our company is a Kaleidescape dealer)
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This is pretty freakin awesome I have to say.
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So what about movies that are sold in the foreign market? I live in Japan and would need movies that have Japanese translation, will that be viable?
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It is in the USA only at this time.
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The movies available for download are currently are only DVD quality. When is the expected release date for BluRay quality downloads?
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No firm date has been announced, but they are "close" to being ready (as of last week).

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Anybody visiting Amsterdam next week for the ISE 2013? Kaleidescape will be there and maybe some more info will be available!?
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I did see motion judder in the Screen Development/Stewart Film Screen demo I was informed that it was the result of the Kaleidescape forcing the 24P material to 60P.
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Why would a Kaleidescape Player force 1080p24 to 60???? These players are fully capable of 1080p24 playback.

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I am only reporting what I was told at both Stewart and Planar, thinking Iet me just put it forward here, and maybe I get a response.
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My comment wasn't as questioning as it sounded, more curious than anything. It's interesting how problems at shows tend to belong to something in the chain other than the equipment being discussed with the vendor.smile.gif (Of course that doesn't mean there wasn't a problem with the player, or the Server feeding the player, but most such issues are the result of incorrect setup of the K Player's video or audio section.)

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I was wondering myself, the projector requiring 60P input can't be it, as it was a Screen Development modded Christie, that one must be doing 24P. The Planar LCD was a pre-production unit, an 120 Hz pqanel, but only fed by a single display port (out of four), so limited to 30 FPS. Perhaps it requires 30FPS, I can't tell.

I guess you must be a great litigator, LOL.
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Its a common mistake at shows where people who don't really know k forget to change the output in the installer menu. They get left at upscale to highest available resolution.

Not that it matters but it was a barco dp-32k PJ with dvdo vp50pro scaler as a front end. All rebadged of course.

Saw the demo many times and did not see any motion issues but I was too busy admiring the directors choice. It now has a nice new home coming in my demo room:-)
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I presumed it was a modded Barco, but I was told it actually was a Christie based 25K lumens projector. Looking back, the shape of the front, looking through the hole in the wall, from a distance, was the one we know from Barco. DPI booth was stuffed with projectors, not sure what DPI was trying to show, there were so many units on show.

At Stewart it was a screen(sales) guy, but at Planar I was told this by the company's head of R&D.

Did you get the demo-unit Neil?
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