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Audio setup for a workshop/basement

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I have a 30x26ft basement that I'd like to jazz up with some speakers and a display. I have my tool/workshop space down there, and I also run a business from home so I often have 1 or 2 people over working for me, and we all like to listen to music while working, and we're all pretty tired of the lousy music we get from our computer and phone speakers. The catch is that I'm not going after a theater setup so much as just having music all around while people are working down there. The basement is kind of setup in quadrants (no doors or anything, just dividing walls with large doorways). I'm wondering what would be the best speaker setup:

- Place 4 speakers in the far corners facing in, everything mono. Maybe with a sub in the center.
- Save some trouble and centrally locate everything, facing out. (seems like this wouldn't work too well)
- Something in between where there is one speaker in the center of each quadrant, facing down.

If I mount between the ceiling joists will I end up sending a lot of sound up through to the first floor?

There are two computer workstations in the basement, on opposite sides. Either should be able to play music to the speaker system, and network streaming would be great since I could be working at my workbench and select music from my phone. I'd also like to put in an lcd tv, on which either computer could centrally display (images, spreadsheets, business stuff). I expect most any hdmi receiver should handle this. There should be a good deal of level adjustment for each speaker - we may want to bring one or two down to zero sometimes. Ideally the audio and video are directed separately so one person could throw up a document on the big screen without interrupting the other's music, but I know that might not happen. It would also be nice to find a setup that might give us 2.1 sound in case we ever want to watch video/movie, and it would be especially neat to be able to sync these speakers with those running on my Onkyo TX-NR609 upstairs.

Any ideas? Thanks!
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Below is the basement layout. In general, stairs are light green, foundation/brick walls are white, workbenches are yellow, shelves/storage are dark blue & magenta, tables are dark blue, large steel storage racks are dark green, and mechanicals are light blue. Display and receiver would be in the north or northwest area, and that's usually where people are working, but I'd still like good sound on the south end too.

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Display on the wall, equipment below?

Wood working, or other dusty processes? Put the equipment in an enclosed cabinet, with a fan, and changeable air filter.

Which way do the joists run? Can you surface mount the cables?

On-wall (or on-ceiling) speakers may help alleviate sound penetration to the floor above.

Networked receiver. In-wall (or on-wall surface mount) volume control, for each 'remote area', from Zone 2 of the receiver. Not sure how to switch video.

Just a few ideas.
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