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Just talked to a gentleman at 15 and 42. It doesn't sound like us in Lincoln will be getting their digital 38,43. He said that they are up and running 24 hours a day so you can give it a shoot. The output I guess looks like a cardio graph. Flat then peak,null then flat. Of course Omaha is in the peak and Lincoln or wherever might be in the null.

Zager antenna is located at 810 N. 48th in Lincoln are we are not getting any signal.

If I get an email from the guy at KPTM I will be forwarding this forum to him. Maybe he will come and post and explain things better.


P.S. They are only 300 ft on the tower.
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Hello Everyone,

I just received a message from ABC stating the post game segment will also be in HD. Originally ABC said only the game segment would be HD.

So at present, the pregame is SD, game is HD, and postgame is HD. Audio is said to be DD 5.1.
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Thanks Warren for the info on the Superbowl. I am receiving a solid signal from KETV, no dropouts, signal strength the same as before power increase but no dropouts or breakup now Thank You.

I am receiving a digital signal from WB(38) but too weak, no picture/sound just a green digital indicator lights up. No signal from FOX. I cannot believe they would setup a digital transmission and not cover Lincoln too.
I was looking forward to some more digital stations by now, really waiting for the PBS startup(I like the Nature documentary and Music shows.

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HDSteven - Where abouts in lincoln are you located (south east, north east,etc...) that you are receiving KETV with a strong signal? What kind of antenna do you have?

Do you also receive WOWT?

I've heard good things about the Silver Sensor antenna - do you think I would receive WOWT and KETV in Lincoln (north central - 27th and Superior on top of the hill) with a Silver Sensor?

Thanks in advance
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Pic looks good on KETV, however the sound coming in over COX cable on 108.01 is toast. (i.e. crackly, popping, ..etc )

Anyone else notice the same anomaly on Fri night?
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Yes, same thing is happening over the air on 20-1.
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15 & 42 are a lost cause in Lincoln for now. Not even a sniff.

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Doug - could you tell me a little bit about your setup. I'm wanting to get OTA, but want to make sure Lincoln's setup isn't terribly complicated at this point
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I have a full band antenna mounted on my chimney with a pre-amp mounted at the antenna. To reliably get Omaha DTV broadcasts you need to be outside with the antenna and the higher the better. The pre-amp is also a requirement. Zager is a great place to go for this stuff, they are knowledgable and helpful. Radio Shack sells a UHF only Yagi that I put up to get a better shot at 18 (FOX & UPN) here in Lincoln. I put a pre-amp on it as well. For grins I tried it out on the digital stuff from Omaha (different direction) and they came in great. The Yagi on my dual band is the same size as the Radio Shack Yagi. If the VHF stuff isn't important right now, this might be a good way to go. Figure $25 for the RS yagi and $40-$100 for the pre-amp depending on what you get.

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Was the bad audio during Drew Carey from 8:30pm - 9pm in HD?

If it cleared up after that show, I bet it I know what it was, but if it is still bad, I currently do not hear the problem.

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I will assume by the post times on the audio problem it was during Drew Carey.

I called ABC traffic and they did not report any audio problems on the HD side during this show, so I will assume the problem was on my end.

If you noticed the brief HD portion during Nightline, that was ABC's HD test loop. We switched to this to quickly test the HD gear. The audio was OK during that brief period.

We did reset our HD equipment just in case it did have a problem.

Thanks for the posts with the information on how you were monitoring, I could tell by the one OTA report, and the one Cox Cable report the problem had to be at the studio and not the transmitter site.

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KETV: Do you have your nightly/weekly program listing available in a more, emm, raw format than what's currently on your web site?

(RSS/XML feed, for example)
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Currently IBS hosts our website for us, is there something in particular you are looking for? I can always ask the web staff, but looking around at the other Hearst - Argyle stations, their DTV webpage is the same. It would be something they would need to add.

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Yes it was during Drew Carey. I did notice the DD 5.1 and KETV-DT logos as well. Assumed it had something to do with DD 5.1.
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Originally posted by dantz
HDSteven - Where abouts in lincoln are you located (south east, north east,etc...) that you are receiving KETV with a strong signal? What kind of antenna do you have?

Do you also receive WOWT?

I've heard good things about the Silver Sensor antenna - do you think I would receive WOWT and KETV in Lincoln (north central - 27th and Superior on top of the hill) with a Silver Sensor?

Thanks in advance

I live in NE Lincoln, see previous posts for equipment.


I receive KETV, WOWT, KLKN digital channnels.

I don't think you will receive KETV, WOWT with silver sensor. You might receive KLKN. I recommend a Channel Master 4228 antenna / UHF preamp, RG6 cable, or RadioShack VHF/UHF antenna/preamp.
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Okay... so am I to understand that KPTM and KXVO are now broadcasting DTV?


When did that start? Because I am not getting them at ALL in Millard. I don't even see them showing up on the program guide with even a channel beacon.

Are they broadcasting low power? Far lower than even KETV? Or am I just f'ed? This sucks.

-- Robert
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I am between Lincoln and Eagle and am currently receiving KXVO-DT at about 54% , and KPTM is 0%. Don't really understand that. Thought there towers were in the same location??? Seems like KXVO is channel mapping to 15-1 on my Mits receiver. So far no drop outs or pixelization. Fingers crossed.

C Blake
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Guys read the post at the top of the page. That talks about KPTM and KXVO. They are really only pushing to Omaha. On the back side of the toweres is going to be hit and miss. I don't understand what type of broadcast antenna they ae using but it is not a 360 degree output like most. Maybe Warren or Jay could shed some light about type of antenna they are using.

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I sent you a pm. KXVO is kind of weird. My internal Mits receiver isn't picking it up , but my DIRECTV STB is at about 54% and like I said is channel mapping it to 15-1. Maybe the internal receiver needs a stronger signal?? No KPTM signal at all.
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Hi guys,

I have the Mits 55859 w/ built in hdtv. I live just iinside the south end of gretna. I receive both stations but KPTM (43) is pretty choppy, must be running on low power, KXVO comes in strong though. Funny cause I think they are on the Same tower?
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I talked to an engineer at KPTM. He was suppose to send me an email. I haven't received it yet. I wanted to give him this forum address so that he could help everyone out. If I haven't heard from him by Monday night I will call him again on Tuesday. Keep posting your results and your general location so I can get a feel on what to tell him. Street intersection would be great I understand not posting exact addresses.
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Looking at the FCC website, the data for KPTM / KXVO is as follows:

DTV 43
ERP 16.5Kw (Effective Radiated Power)
HAAT 116m (380 feet) (Height Above Average Terrain) Antenna
Antenna type appears to be Andrew.
Directional antenna with the main lobe at 40 degrees.

DTV 38
ERP 16.3Kw
HAAT 116m
Antenna type appears to be Dielectric.
Directional antenna with the main lobe at 40 degrees.

Both antenna's would be on the same tower per the Lat & Long, question you need to find out is, are they on the same leg of the tower. If not, that might explain why one comes in better than the other due to the main lobe might be rotated.

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I can't pick up anything more than a low carrier on KXVO and KPTM here in Papillion. I'm running up to the Shack to pick up a 2160 UHF Yagi later today, I'll post the results.

My current situation is a bit strange, KETV comes in fine most of the time and WOWT is a bit hit and miss, during the day mostly miss. Hopefully the Yagi wil clear up the WOWT problem as well as pull in 38 and 43. Undoubtedly a rotor will have to be used until they're broadcasting at full power next year.

Regards, John

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I am halfway between Omaha and Lincoln around the eagle area and my Dish 6000 doesn't even show a signal on Kxvo and Kptm. Currently getting Ketv around 60% and Wowt around 75%. Doesn't make much sense to me that a company would go to the trouble of getting a digital signal up on the air and not make it available to the most people possible. Does anyone know if there are any future plans from them to raise there tower or up there wattage any? Thanks...........

PS Thanks Warren on the power increase, it sure has helped my signal. It use to jump around between 40% and 50% on a good day. Now its a steady signal around 60% with very few dropouts. Thanks!!!!!!!!
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Question for KETV/WOWT... but first:

Well, no KXVO or KPTM for me until they go full power, I guess. I moved my antenna around for about half an hour and never received so much as a beacon in the program guide. Guess the signal can't penetrate the apartment wall. And yeah, I know my double bow tie is directional... so I moved it around. No luck.

Now the question, which may have been answered earlier...

What power will the broadcasts be when they are full? How many kilowatts are we talking?

KETV's boost to 18.9kW seemed to give me only 5% more juice in my signal strength meter. Didn't seem to affect me. I am still only getting 15-20% but the picture is perfect.

Anyone know what KPTM/KXVO will be pumping out when they are full throttle?

-- Robert
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Is it me, or does the SuperBowl look soft, almost 480p upconvert soft?

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I'm at the transmitter site watching a 20" Ikegami monitor so it is tough to tell for me. But it looks pretty good here as compared to other things I have watched on that small monitor.

Curious to what everyone else thinks? Be honest, I can take it.

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KETV-DT current 18.9 Kw ERP, antenna HAAT 179 meters.
Will go to roughly 350 Kw ERP in June 2003, antenna will be at the top of the tower.
KETV-DT full power is 700 Kw ERP, target 1st Qtr 2004.

In KETV-DT's case, my full power DTV was backed down from 1000 Kw ERP to 700 Kw ERP due to causing interference (predicted interference) to KSMN analog channel 20.

Current FCC rule is stations are to be at full power by 12/31/2004, otherwise they loose the 2% protection, in my case that was causing more than 2% interference to KSMN, so I was backed down.

From the FCC website:
WOWT-DT current 38.7 Kw ERP. antenna HAAT 392 meters.
WOWT-DT full power 982 Kw ERP.

No STA on file (Special Temporary Authority) the STA grants you authority to run at reduced power.
Antenna HAAT 425.5 meters.
Full power 1000 Kw ERP.

KPTM-DT current 16.5 Kw ERP, antenna HAAT 116 meters.
KPTM-DT full power 360 Kw ERP, antenna HAAT 574 meters.

KXVO-DT current 16.8 Kw ERP (I found another STA for them), antenna HAAT 116 meters.
KXVO-DT full power 500 Kw ERP, antenna HAAT 577 meters.

Hope this is helpful.
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I posted the above comments early in the game, since then I've seen other camera angles which look quite good. The sideline camera's look very detailed.

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Warren, Thanks for the comments. I will try to find out about which legs they are on.

DevoX, when I talked to KPTM they said something about possibly having to put up a new tower for the digital. He made it sound like they would be pushing the 2004 dead line if that was the case. I will try to find more information out.

I set up a 10' screen at my chruch to watch the game on. All I can say is WWWWOOOOOWWWWW!!!! Everybody was very impressed by the picture. Yes it was in HD.

I found out one of the guys will be gone all week. It doesn't sound like I will be in the office much so I don't know when I will be able to call to update the information.

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