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Video, I wish I could give you a definite date, but I am no longer in the loop on the negotiating. It has moved higher up the chain.

I do expect an aggrement to be reached by the end of March.

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If they live in Crete, they are served with Time Warner Cable. If he signs up for HBO, he can request an HD Convertor Box, Currently they offer 2 Channels of HBO and 2 Channels of Showtime in HD. They are also doing the NBA feeds that are being done by TNT to subscribers that have the HD Box. His TV will need HD Component inputs, and then he can just lease the convertor box from them, around $6.00 per month. As soon as Ch. 10 (CBS) (KOLN) and Ch. 8 (ABC) KLKN are broadcating in HD, they plan to add that, I've been told. We'll see. If he needs any additional information, our store is located 30 minutes from Crete.
Here is a Time Warner Link for Crete.


We have a lot of customers using Time Warner for Movies, and an OTA solution for networks, but in Crete, he'll have trouble receiving the Omaha Channels, but KOLN is really close, shooting for April 15th, and KLKN is broadcasting an upconverted analog signal now digitally.

Take Care.
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st30247, thanks for the info. I think the cable option would be the best for him especially if they add the local HD channels too. I think it's better to rent a HD converter box from the cable company for $6/month instead of dishing out $500 for a HD tuner which you may or may not get the OTA stations.
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Does he already have a TV, if not, he should consider an integrated HDTV. This has many benefits in the long run, such as Recording of HDTV signals that come over the air etc. Regardless, Time Warner is a nice option for awhile. I'm just not convinced that they will offer Networks anytime soon. We'll see.
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Going to try a little something different on Thursdays @ 10am for one hour.

ABC feeds the affiliates an HD test loop daily. This test loop has HD content of the ABC talent and the like, but also tests the DD 5.1 audio channel by channel. (Left, Center, Right, LS, RS, & LFE)

I thought this may be of some value to both the consumers setting up their HDTV & surround sound systems, as well as the retail outlets setting up systems.
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You have a little over a week before the HD feeds for March Madness begins? You going to make it??? HD minds want to know?

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Ahh, what a week for tower work. Nice temps, lots of sun and light breezes. I'm hoping KMTV makes it!
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They better!

Between DirecTVs March Madness package and Hi-Def as well, I've invited a lot of people to swing through for games!

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Well, our transmitter proofed out beautifully. We are set in that aspect. Today the crew finished installation of the transmission line on the tower. The first half of the day was too windy. From here on out they will be changing out guy lines.

We have 15 lines to change out. On a good day they say they can do two lines. They need days with very little wind to do it. Knowing Nebraska weather, I'm hoping to be on by March 25.

Following is what CBS is going to be sending us in HDTV for March Madness:




From the Final Eight, all games will be available in HDTV.

Throughout the Tournament, we may be scheduled to run non-HDTV games on our NTSC Channel 3, but CBS has asked us to air HDTV games on our HDTV transmitter. We will switch and feed these seperately.

Keep the excitement, we are working hard.
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Thread Starter 

Your lineup looks excellent.

Hope things proceed safely with your tower crew.

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Scott, how is the guide wire replacement going? any chance you could be up and running by next friday? thanks
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Had a person saying they were having problems with the channel 6 audio. We haven't had any problems here at the shop so thought I would ask the forum.
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No problems with 6.1 from my system.

KMTV, whats the scoop????

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The guy line replacement is progressing slowly. Winds, lightning, and rain have been keeping the crew off the tower. I'm trying to keep my hopes up to be on by the end of March. The transmitter is ready to go.
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Well thank goodness that DirecTV is putting the HD NCAA games on channel 198 with the March Madness package.

As John mentioned earlier, just do it safe.

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Any Directv customers in Omaha or Lincoln area getting the Texas game in Hdtv on directv channel 198? I'm getting the not available in your area! I thought if you had the march madness package the hdtv feeds were not subject to blackout.
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Any Directv customers in Omaha or Lincoln area getting the Texas game in Hdtv on directv channel 198? I'm getting the not available in your area! I thought if you had the march madness package the hdtv feeds were not subject to blackout.
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Any Directv customers in Omaha or Lincoln area getting the Texas game in Hdtv on directv channel 198? I'm getting the not available in your area! I thought if you had the march madness package the hdtv feeds were not subject to blackout.
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I thought so too, but they did turn it back on when CBS went to coverage of the war. I talked to DirecTV and the csr basically just said it was subject to the same blackout rules. Not what I thought the intent was either.

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KETV-DT Transmitter is down, I am currently working on it.

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KETV-DT is back on the air.

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Academy Awards last night was VERY NICE.. No flashing black-outs over Cox, either! Very refreshing.
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I received my PSIP server late on Friday.

I will shut down the HD side this morning @ 9:30am to perform a software & firmware upgrade to my encoder. Will take roughly 2 hours. Start it again and let it run with the new software for 24 hours.

If all is OK, I will start PSIP on Tuesday afternoon. Again, once I deploy PSIP, KETV-DT will show up on 7-1. This re-map to 7-1 will not affect the viewers on Cox cable, just OTA.
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Oscars looked great in Lincoln.

Thanks, S.K.
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WOWT on Cox, any word??

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Originally posted by st30247
Oscars looked great in Lincoln.

Thanks, S.K.

Steve, what are you using for reception and tuning for KETV?
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Channel master CM4221 4 bay UHF w/ a Screen, in an attic. Location in the Highlands of Lincoln. North of the Airport. I will say that I have a 2 story house and no tall trees. That certainly helps, but I gage my distance at 50-55 miles from the transmitter. Ch. 6 is 100% signal a majority of the time, KETV around 58%. The set-top that I use is the Hughes built Mitsubishi SRHD400, nice becuase if you also subscribe to DirecTV it puts all of these channel's (including analog) programming information into the DirecTV Guide. So even stations that don't tranmit PSIP info, the DirecTV Guide maps them to 6-1, 7-1, 8-1, etc... Another benefit, is I can stretch out black side bars if I want to to preserve my television from Pospher aging. Questions call me.

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Thanks Steve.

I'm using an Antennacraft MXU59 yagi in the attic. It's about 100" long if you aren't familiar with it. I live in the vacinity of 40th and Hwy2. I get WOWT-DT at about 75% but KETV-DT bounces around just below the threshold of my Dish 6000.

I've always thought about giving the Channelmaster 4228 8 bay a try. Do you guys have any I could try? I'd hate to buy one and end up in the same situation.
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We don't stock the 4228, but If you wanted to try the CM4221 by purchasing it, we'd certainly refund you the money when you return it.

I've tried this antenna in this location, but it was down low by Williamsburg Drive. It kind of depends how high you are. The 4221 wouldn't work down low near Williamsburg Drive.

Give me a call if you want to discuss further.

Thanks, S.K.
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I will say, you are in a gray area down there, until KETV gets their new tranmitting antenna sometime in June, After that it should be reliable. I've also been informed that Channel 8 will most likely not be HD until sometime next fall at the earliest. I think they'd like to be up for Monday Night Football, but I doubt it will happen.
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