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RCA line level filter for a CROWN XLS?

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I know this has been probably answered somewhere on here but I can find it. her is my project.

Crown XLS1500 to power a 1 MTX 9500 12 inch (car sub) connected to ONkyo 818 with with Audyssey 32 bit

Question do I need a RCA line level filter for this? i get mixed answers.
also best sub box building site thats free.

I know allot of you wont like the car sub application but i already have the speaker. if this doesnt work hem Ill just by a TC AXIS 15 and use same amp so this wont be time wasted either way.
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What do you mean by "RCA line level filter"?
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Ya know I'm not sure that's why I'm asking. What I've read is that the pro amps when connected to recievers vs DJ equipment have some sort of feed back through the sub. So while I'm waiting for my crown to arrive I was wondering if I should buy Anthony else.
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So maybe there is no such thing.....

What about DIY sub box building sites any suggestions?
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You might need some type of high pass or low pass filter, but nothing like your describing just because you have a pro-amp. Some folks run a signal booster, like a Samson S-covert, in order to boost the signal going out of the receiver and into the amp, but that seems to only be needed on some receivers and I believe that your Onkyo will not need one.
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Thanks for the link Gorilla that has some great info. Marty thanks for clearing that up I bought that Onkyo for a really good price considering the features it has.
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You shouldn't need a signal boost or filter.
I run an Onkyo 709 with a Crown 1500 using RCA with no problems.
I had the same concern as you, but it ended up I didn't need anything.
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^^^ Same here. The interference you speak of is kind of hit or miss. Some folks have a bad ground loop hum from their cable box not being grounded in the same spot, or other things on the same breaker as their system. Bottom line, you should just build out and then plug n play to see if this is an issue before you buy something for potentially a problem you might never have. In the event you ARE getting noise on the line, jensen makes some good stuff, as well as some cheaper options like the ground isolator for your coaxial line.
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Added a Crown XLS 2500 between my two RTiA9's/SC-67 and got a disturbing hum.

I re-read this thread again and decided to start with my cable box. First I disconnected the power, that didn't help. Then I disconnected my cable box HDMI from my Pioneer SC-67 and voila, no more hum.

Connected the HDMI back and disconnected the Coax to my cable box and that is where the problem lies. Purchased one of these http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0017I3K9M/ref=ox_ya_os_product
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perfect, unless you have satellite, which you will need a different one, but you did say cable so I am not too worried.
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I know this is old but i just wanted to add when i connected the Crown i had a terrible hum. I had a computer power cord that didn't have the round ground plug So i swapped them then plugged it into the Monster surge protector and hum was gone. Its almost been a year and still running flawless.
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