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help upgrading from 7.1 to 9.2

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what is the easiest way to upgrade my setup from 7.1 to 9.2. i wan to add a sub and two standing front towers without having to buy a new receiver, but will to add amp or what you suggest best

receiver is an onkyo tx sr706 with it feeding two front in wall , two ceiling two rear in wall with center woofer only thing i can change out easy. i want to add to standing towers under the polk wall speakers and sub... do i need a new receiver or additional whatever you call it to feed additional speakers..

guess asking the best way to upgrade without ending up with used equipment i love the receiver and the sound is great now, but i see two klipsch towers i want to add to the front without unhooking my polk wall fronts...

thanks in advance all i would of looked in search but i dont know what terminology to use
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Your current avr will not do 9 channel. It has ability to do more than one 7 channel format, but not 9 channel, you need a specific avr. Best entry to that that I can think of is the Onkyo 818 which can do that with it's dsp but you will need a 2 channel amp to supplement the avr's amps. You may be able to install 9 speakers and a 2 channel amp with your current avr (i.e. using the avr's amp speaker level outputs in conjunction with the pre-outs for at least two of the channels with the outboard amp) with the Dolby PLIIz capabilities of your avr with either front height/wide vs rear depending on the selection on the avr (I can do this with my Onkyo HTRC370, I'm assuming it's similarly setup in that regard).
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thanks for the info, i had a feeling that i may be stuck with current options. i do have preamp outputs, if i am currently using front channel outputs for front left and right and i hooked up a 2 channel amp to my preamps can i get sound out of my wall fronts and new front towers, i dont care so much of the mixing i just want 2 speakers for the left front and two for the left front. so when i switch to stereo mode i would have the 4 speakers running in the front instead of the two walls...

i want to improve the 3.1 setup without needing a 9 channel avr... not sure if the onkyo will output sound to the preamps and the normal left right outputs if i used both...

thanks again
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I'm pretty sure with the Onkyo you cannot overlap preouts vs speaker level outputs, it's one or the other for a given channel. You might be able to set a priority, not sure, check the manual.
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Yes, you can do as you want (ie. adding pre-outs); however, the signal obviously won't be a discrete signal, rather simply mirroring the Front A speakers.
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yes basically when i am in music mode i just want a little better sound coming out of the fronts (new towers with in walls working)... i will check the manual as well. thanks again guys..
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