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MIT WD-82740 Got the IPhone APP to work

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Had trouble getting it to work until I used the TV remote and pressed "Internet" button. I think this established a activity to the TV over my LAN which helped the APP to see my TV. Prior to this My TV wasn't recognized which seems to be the biggest problem with the APP.

Hope this helps.

I have a MIT WD-82740 with latest firmware.
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To get it to work, ( this assumes your IPhone is on your home Network and working.)

1)Your phone must have Cellular OFF (also called Cellular Data).

2) Power ON TV with IR remote, not IPhone.

3) Push Internet Button, wait for for content to load.

4) Watch your IPhone Mitsubishi APP (TV Control) for your TV to Appear.

5) Also IP of your Phone will display when you push fake "WiFi signal indicator" at bottom of APP

Regular Usage:

1) In APP, Your TV will be visible but gray, dimm, as you cannot power up TV with APP from a cold start.

2) Power up TV with IR Remote

3)Watch your APP, as your TV will be come colored and bright.

4) Touch the TV

5) Power off (Standby button) will function for you.

Would have been nice is the LAN connection to the TV was smarter when TV is off.
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Last Update:

In the TV I manually set the IP

In my router I reserved the above set IP

Now I can power up TV from my Iphone!
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Sorry to keep the going, but I lost ability to control TV with APP. Had cable modem and router off for an hour during a reorganization of my electronics. Turned on router first (maybe a mistake with respect to Mits TV) then modem, afterwords Mits TV APP stopped working.

Got it to work again but not the same way I described earlier (I tried that way about 20 times). though this method is more robust (worked first attempt it also is more limiting.

1) In Mits TV : Go to Manual network setup
2) In MitsTV: Set IP of TV within your Network
3) In your Router: Reserve that IP in your router settings, also need to enter TV's MAC address.
4) In MitsTV: Set default gateway to IP of your cell phone (or whatever you want to control with)

This works, BUT only one remote can control TV and no internet streaming using TV's internet control. I have Apple TV so I don't care.

hope this is useful,
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Hopefully last update:

Been using it now.

Iphone (s)
1) Cellular Data must be off
2) IP is set static (not sure this is necessary but that's how mine is set up)
3)Router setting is set to my router IP
4)DNS setting is also set to my router IP

Mits TV
1)IP is set manually different from phone
2)Gateway and DNS are set to my routers' IP

1) In DHCP, reserved IP of IPhone
2)In DHCP, reserved IP of TV

1)Multiple IPhones can control TV, turn it on, put in standby ect.,
2) but if IR remote is used to turn off TV then IPhone will not be able to turn on TV.
3) IPhone(s) will regain this function if an IPhone is used to but TV in Standby (off).
4) Being able to use IPhone for TV controll is definately useful and convenient.
5) IF cable modem and router are power cycled, will have to setup again.

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