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Reciever Recomendations

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I am looking to upgrade my home theater and would like some receiver recommendations. I have a large living room 25’W X 22’ L with a 14’ vaulted ceiling, so I assume I must go big. For my speakers, I am thinking of trying the Aperion Verus Grande towers, center , and sub. I will use my Bose 601 series III that I’ve owned since the late 80s and a pair of Paridigm ADP-170s as the surrounds for the time being. For receivers, I have been leaning towards Denon or Marantz and I want to keep my budget at around $1200 and under. There are some very good prices on refurbished online and just want to know if there’s anything to be gained in my case by going with the newer receivers or anything over 110W? This will be mostly for watching movies, but I do like to crank up some Rock on occasion. I do plan on getting a 3D projector and I have an IPad and IPhone. Doubt if I’ll have any need for 4K pass thru in the near future. Here are some of the receivers listed.

Marantz SR6006 110W
Marantz SR6007 110W
Marantz SR7005 125W
Marantz SR7007 125W
Denon 4311CI 140W

As far as I can tell, there seems to be little difference between the SR6006 -6007 or the 7005-7007 to justify the higher price in my situation. Would the Denon with 140W be overkill? I also have an old Yamaha M45, 125W Class A amp from the late 80s in working order. Would it be worth my while to get a lower wattage receiver and integrate the M45 into the system somehow, or should I just sell it?
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A difference of 30 watts produces only a barely noticable increase in sound level. Get the 4311 because it has Audyssey XT32 room correction, with is significantly better than is available on the other receivers.
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