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I need a new remote control for a conference room I'm setting up. I looked at Harmony, which is what I have at home, but they are so Activity-Centric that I don't think they make sense for this application.

The room is setup with two projectors, a 4x4 matrix switch and a blu-ray player (in addition to computer/laptop sources). My goal is to have a remote that allows me to configure certain presets of the 4x4 matrix while turning on the projectors and the blu-ray when appropriate. My budget is $250.

The 4x4 matrix already comes with its own remote - but it is not very user friendly to somebody not familiar with the room (i.e. knowing what source is what, what projector is what output, etc). Ideally I'd like to have a remote with some simple presents as such:
  • "Both screens from podium laptop:
  • "Both screens from podium desktop:
  • "Laptop to left screen, podium desktop to right"
  • "Bluray to left screen, laptop to right screen"
  • etc.

Obviously these labels are probably too long for most small remotes, so I'm willing to have a list of configurations with a cheat-sheet taped to the podium.

I'd appreciate any suggestions!