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which of these 3 receivers?

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I am looking for opinions on which of these receivers would be better. I am not concerned about 5.1 vs 7.1 really.




I am leaning towards the Yamaha because of the attractive price, however I have no experience with Yamahas.
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Kinda hard for people to tell you what's best without knowing what features you want/are important to you in your avr. What's your budget? What speakers do you have? HT or music? Connectivity needs? etc...
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I currently have a blu-ray HTIB. I am slowly going to be piecing together a nicer home theater with larger speakers and separate components, starting with a/v receiver. needs are really only HDMI switching, at least 3 inputs. no need for any wattage requirements most likely, dont care about 3D or anything like that.
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These are all barebones receivers and it sounds like you have very modest requirements. None of them would knock your socks off, but given the choice of these three, I would probably take the Yamaha because Yamaha's reputation of reliability is superior to the others. However, I will also suggest you take a look at a refurb Denon AVR-1612 from accessories4less. The Audyssey Multieq room correction package in it may be something you find worthwhile to improve the sound.
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oh, wrong one. still good price though!
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The Denon 1513 you linked lacks the Audyssey room EQ so I would really step up to the 1612.
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