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Samsung HL67A750A1F with NO picture

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Hey guys, I started to read throught the 500 pages in the correct thread for samsung LED DLPs and after like 10-15 pages could not find my exact issue. My problem is the TV powers on with no picture. THe blue ring comes on around the power button and the chime rings. There is no picture and after a few seconds the three lights blink once and the unit restarts. The process repeats indefinitely. I have unplugged for a while with no success. It has taken me two samsung 'techs' (lol) and a couple hours to realize I actually have no lamp to replace. It seems like from some comments on here there may be a power supply issue. Most people who had a power supply issue stated the same symptoms with the exception that the 3 lights blinked continuously. Again, mine blink once and then it restarts. Can someone direct me where to start? I do not completely feel comfortable completing circuits with a multimeter when I dont understand electronics so if someone is has read several posts like mine with a common solution I would like to try that route rather than troubleshooting with testing voltages across the boards.
Mike in Va
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I have the same model number and exact same description of problem. It also went out yesterday evening. Kind of odd. I haven't been able to find much yet, can you let me know of anything you come across?
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Yes and please do the same.
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Will do.

So far I haven't found much. Closest was on a HL61A750, same TV just 61 inch. Similar issues he said that the repair guy said it's a LED light engine and power supply and that he should buy a new TV.
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Ya it sounds like those two parts can be found for around 300.00 and are just a simple plug and play install. However I just looked at an ad that had 60" led tvs for 799-1000.00 in LG Samsung Panasonic, etc. Hate to buy a new tv, but for the 700.00 more it might be the route to take. Im considering paying for a service manual but was hoping someone on here who already had one could help. Are your symptoms identical to mine? Does the chime ring, the green light flash for about 1 minute, and then the unit clicks and power down with all three lights blinking just ONCE with the process starting over again?
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Ya, sure sounds the same. As soon as it's plugged it it turns on, you hearing the start up sound but see no picture. Then the far right green light blinks about 17 blinks, aprox 1 min then a 3 flash hear it turn off then back on does the process over again. After a bit or a couple times of doing that all 3 lights red, green green just continually blink.

Where did you find the parts? I was looking at TVs some too but for me get one about the same size and good quality be a bit much. The DLP LED doesn't have alot that goes out so theatrically anyway we fix this stuff should really extend the life. If that is the problem and can even get it to work under 1,000. There are some pretty nice TV at a god price and be able to hang them on the wall.

Where did you find the parts?
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Sorry i personally did not locate the parts. Ive just read like 800 of these posts. ARgh...and most people said it costs 600-800 to have someone come out and repair or get the parts yourself for 300-350. I have never been impressed with this set anyways. I bought it for a theatre room becasue it was on sale for like 1700 and came with a 250.00 NFL.com gift card. I have never tweaked it like people on here do, but the picture quality was always horrible when not in HD and when playing HD alot of the times I had pixelated effects in dark scenes. I can stand going to 60" since it is a LED and is less than 900.00. Check HHGregg and Best Buy ads. There is one difference in what my tv does, it never stops resetting (at least not within 15 minutes). It never flashes the 3 lights more than once. I took the back off last night and peered in at all the circuit boards looking for an abnormal looking capacitor or something. Nothing looked 'bulged', so my next step is to check the voltage I guess at a few key points as people posted on here. If I cant find something quickly it will be time for a new LED tv.
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I talked to a Samsung rep today and he heard back from the engineers about what was going on. He said it would be $450 to repair it. Labor parts shipping and all. I got the parts from him and part numbers. Power board $100 CBP44-01002A, Lamp $120 BP96-01600A, Ballest $63 BP47-00029A.

I am cross referencing the information he gave me to see if I an do it myself. The LAMP I am seeing is just bulb type lamp not the LED and I know LED is more expensive. I am going to call him tomorrow and inquire about that and the other parts.
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Scratch the last post. I called them back and they were tracking correct S/N but wrong model number some how. They are going to call me back tomorrow after they get the prices and parts for the correct model number.
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