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Originally Posted by Paulo Teixeira View Post

You can always download a free trial of Premiere Pro CS6 just to try it out for a month and fool around as much as you can. I'm able to do a ton of different effects in Premiere Pro and it still doesn't have some of the things After Effects has. You can download a free trial of After Effects as well. Theirs always the Creative Cloud for $50 a month. It allows you to download every single Professional Adobe product but it's still a little steep. It's $30 for up-graders of CS5 or students. People should try to see if they quality for the $30 service before they spend the $50. Yes even $30 seams a bit much but with all the things you can do, Adobe still feels they are entitled to charge a kidney. Still, people can get their money back by using it for work and that's if the extra features are really needed.
Anyway, CS5 is still incredible so if you can find a copy of that for a good price, that would also be good.
As a rank amateur with 2 years of part time video experience, I am having plenty of fun learning the Elements versions of Premier and Photoshop. Today, the combo pack of the two is only $90 at Amazon. Neither one is a simple package. They are loaded with hundreds of tools, filters, controls and effects. I can't find anything I can't do in the Elements versions -- yet. When I read articles about the differences, I find nothing in the Pro versions I would currently use, except perhaps the "CUDA" processor functions.

Although it would be fun and entertaining to play with the trials, I don't want to invest the time to thoroughly understand them. I have more than enough to learn with the basic version.

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It's true that if the software does what you want, you wouldn't need to upgrade.

Anyway, here's another low light video and this time, I used 30p with a shutter of 30. The gain was anywhere from around 10 to 19. It's a trade off choosing between 24 and 30. With 30 you get slightly better motion in low light shooting but with 24 you can get slightly better low light capabilities.

Here's the YouTube link in case you want to view it on a Sony PS Vita for example since it doesn't have a Vimeo app ("yet").

And here's the Vimeo link in case you want to download it.

These are briefly done but for sure I'll spend more time on a video for the activities during New Year's Eve & Day. I'll probably use both the AC90 and the GH2 to get footage. Then theirs a low light concert I might be tasked to shoot early January in which I'll use the GH1, GH2 and the AC90 (3 angle multi cam). Now that's going to be fun. I definitely can't wait shooting a music video with the AC90.

Something I need point out is that every single video I posted, I used the factory "neutral" setting. For some people, that setting might be too boring. Their are obviously other scene settings in case people want it to look more like film, want the colors to pop out more, etc. I think for the New Year's eve events I'll probably use a setting that pops out more.
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Just a couple of videos.

This one has the New Year's Eve parade in Boston.

This one has random clips.

Yes, as if I haven't shown enough low light samples.

I used a neutral setting and I see that their is a setting that might give you better quality for low light footage but I decided to keep it as is and not change the setting. Shutter of 30 and the gain a bit high. When dealing with 30p footage especially from my GH2 and AC90, it's best to know that it's 30p within a 60i stream. When I was editing a music video that was shot in 30p, I wondered why the heck was Premiere Pro CS5 giving me interlaced lines when the footage is progressive. We'll, it's not until 5.5 that it started dealing with progressive files properly for some cameras. Basically when I make a 30p timeline, I need to go to a simple setting to tell Premiere to treat the footage as Progressive. Again it's very simple but I fear that some people might never find out. In other words, if you decide to shoot in 30p, it might be in a 60i stream and in that case, make sure you editor knows how to deal with it automatically. If not, you'll have to do some simple steps before you export the video.
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Just one of a few projects I did with the AC90. The Wide shots for both locations were the GH2 and handheld were the AC90. The AC90 were set to 1080 24p with a shutter of 24. Neutral picture setting. The lighting wasn't that great in eighter video and I did some grading that made the blacks stand out more in the footage of them performing at the place that they usually train just on the AC90 while I kept the GH2 as is. For the concert footage, their wasn't any grading done on any camera. I could have made everything more vivid but I decided to not do that.

This all started with me being tasked to shoot a video of them at the concert and we figured the video could use a little more stuff so I decided to also shoot a video of them performing at the place that they train and since that's going to be a bit more work editing, you might as well use one of their professionally recorded songs rather than the live audio from the concert. I wish the lighting was better and stronger at the place that they train but at least it didn't turn out bad. Their wasn't much time to shoot and I figured that the place has good enough lighting anyway. Turns out that some of the lighting from the room wasn't working but luckily, their were 2 lamps in the room that we also used together with the normal room light. Note to self, next time pick a date in which their is more than enough time to shoot and set up and borrow professional lighting. Still, it was never intended for this particular video to be a big production. The original plan was just to get a few scenes at that place. Speaking of lighting, the concert footage was even worse since only the front singer was lit up. That can sometimes be a very big issue when shooting concert videos. In one concert video I shot, you couldn't even see the drummer's face too well. That's crazy!
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Here's a video that I've shot in Revere Beach Massachusetts. The first scenes are all the sand sculptures and as for the rest of the scenes, it was just random shooting here and their. Sorry if you get a headache with some of my fast pans. I could have used the Warp Stabilizer for the pans but in the end, I decided not to. When I got their, it was close to 4pm so I didn't get so shoot some of the things that were going on. In case you're wondering, the camera was on the neutral setting as well as fully automatic and I did slight color grading. No grading at all was done to the night clips. You'll get more info in the description. Oh, and no ND filter.

Today (Sunday) is the last day of the event if any of you who are close to this beach. They'll be fire works at 9pm. Doing Fireworks on a Sunday night isn't the best time for it but it was unfortunately delayed. It was supposed to be Saturday but they feared that their might be a storm. It never rained while their but I did see a bunch of lighting in the sky.
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Panasonic released a firmware update.


Link to download file:


I wish it can get hacked but it might never happen. Still, I did post it on Personal View, just to see what people's opinions are concerning hacking it. Still, you could run the risk of Panasonic going after you. On the other hand, they didn't do anything major to the GH2 hack unless they really are more strict about their professional camcorders being hacked.
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