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Screen ideas, must be durable

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Hello all,
I have purchased a Panny AR100u, and it should ship anytime soon. I'd like to build my own screen, 120". The thing is, this room will double as a family room. And by family I mean kids playing soccer in it. So the screen needs to be durable. I've read quite a bit of the threads and while I was initially considering black out or spandex those would probably not stand up well to a soccer ball being kicked at it. I'm also not sure if the laminate, wilsonart would work. So, I was considering MDF or perhaps Sintra. I'm not familiar with Sintra but the websites say it's rigid. Any suggestions? I have complete light control if I need but will also require well lit scenarios for when the kids are playing around and watching at the same time.

Thanks in advance!
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Looks like you want a Gray WA laminate.

I had a WA DW laminate for a few years. We have 3 small children, and 8-10 other nieces and nephews all under 10 years of age. Now when they all get together for movie sessions and play/fun, you can imagine what that's like. The laminate was extremely easy to maintain.

That piece of laminate lasted a long time and took lots of abuse. Things being thrown at it, food and drinks all over it, kids using it as a 'white board' etc.

That screen is still going strong until we decided to upgrade to a bigger screen.

We also have a painted screen (SW Extra White) on a piece of 6mm Sintra. That screen is also strong and sturdy. I am not concern with it breaking. However, and I am concern with getting stains, fingerprints, crayons and markers off of the paint.

We are now on a Spandex screen, and each time the kids go near it I SCREAMED! There's no way to get stain, juice spills, markers off of it.
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Thanks for the input! Is the laminate thick? I understand it's obviously easy to clean. Any reason for the gray vs white? I might have to find something temporary in the meanwhile as the Wilsonart 5x10 are special order and my local hardware store is saying end of December for delivery.
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You mentioned that you will have lights on while watching. So that's the only reason why I said Gray laminate.

I had a dedicated room and full light control, so I chose the White laminate.
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The material itself is not thick. Certainly, if you bent it enough it will break.

But once you mount it on top of a frame or board, it becomes pretty study.
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What I was worried about if it was mounted to a frame is that if a soccer ball (yes my kids, 11 and 5 will be playing soccer with friends down there) would strike it, it might break. I'm actually considering a BOC screen now because it also gives me the flexibility of making a 2.35 screen. Presumably if I mounted Sintra or laminate to a frame and a ball would strike it in the middle...it might break? I'll assume the BOC would flex enough? It should, my kids have hit my mother's painted canvas of similar size and have yet to ruin it!

As for the color of the screen, the PJ I'm getting is a light cannon, as in I don't think I need to worry about ambient light. Do you still think Gray would be the way to go? I'm less concerned about 'quality' when there is lots of light and more about the quality when I'm fully light controlled, which I can do. It's a trade-off of course, but the times when ambient light is 'high' I'm less concerned with the quality as it will not be during 'critical' viewing. I don't want a washed out mess but still. smile.gif
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