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Directv Whole Home DVR H25-100

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If this is a duplicate I'm sorry. The new search is pretty weak.

We have a H25-100 that can see the HR24-100 but when you start playback of a recording it pauses for 3-5 seconds then plays for 3-5 seconds and will repeat as long as you let it. We've done red button resets on both units and the problem persists. On the HR24-100 everything appears OK no playback problems there.

Any ideas or threads I should check? I'm coming up with nothing so far except a few posts that are very similar:
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I would say you would probably be better off posting in this thread:

Or going over to AVSForums sister site DBSTalk.com, which is aimed more at satellite TV reception/hardware/services/etc.

That said, it sounds like you either have issues with your DECA network/coax wiring, or possibly your DVR hard drive is starting to go bad. When my DVR's hard drive started going bad it first started to show up with buffering playback over Whole Home, then a week or so later it started doing the same thing on the DVR itself, and finally a little while later the recordings became unwatchable and I got the error on the screen saying the hard drive had failed.
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