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I'm considering to buy an Epson TW-5910 (pretty similar to Epson 3020 - seems to be identical in terms of how it should be mounted) - but I have gotten a bit unsure if I can mount it properly in my room.

My room is about 82" from floor to ceiling and I have a 92" screen mounted 15.7" from the ceiling (I'd prefer not to put it any higher - if anything slightly lower).

I have a SMS Unislide projector mount which would put the projector about 6.3" lower than the ceiling (it can only adjust a tiny bit up and down).

When I look at the Epson calculator ( - and click "Distance Calculator") - I get that the projector should be mounted 12.6" inches from the ceiling.

Can I get away with tilting the projector to make up for this difference between the calculation and what my mount is (without using keystone)? Or is the difference too big so I'd need another mount?

I'm a little worried if the projector is going to be too close to the sitting area (which is almost right below the projector, or slightly in front) - I see the calculator says I can mount it up to 173" away from the screen, but I'm thinking I should avoid getting it too far back because I loose brightness - the sitting area is about 148" away from the screen. Do you think I will run into problems with this?

The alternative is to get the 8350 (EU TW3200) which got lens shift, but then I loose the 3D.