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HDMI Matrix & PS3 issiue

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I have a monoprice 4x4 HDMI matrix that is doing a great job. The only issue is my PS3's video keeps dropping in and out every minute or so. The audio still plays just the screen goes black from anywhere between a second to several seconds. Here is how my setup is PS3 > Matrix > Denon AVR-1312 > Epson 3010e projector. Any ideas what could be going on?
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Try taking the AVR out of the signal run to the Projector - power everything off at the wall, make the connectivity changes then re-power.

Ensure the PS3, AVR and Projector are running the latest Firmware the various manufacturers have available.

How long is the cable run to the Projector?

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As of right now my run looks like this PS3 > 5ft HDMI > HDMI 4x4 Matrix > 25ft Dual cat5e > Matrix 1x4 switch > 5ft HDMI > AVR > 15' HDMI > Projector
I'll take the AVR out of the run when I get home.

Here is a break down of my matrix switcher setup.

input 1 Laptop - Works but don't always get 5.1 from the AVR
input 2 PS3 - screen goes black, seems like a hand shake issue?
input 3 Apple Tv - Works perfectly
input 4 DirecTV - Works perfectily

Link to my HDMI Matrix & HDMI 0ver Cat5/6
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Originally Posted by EpicVegas View Post

As of right now my run looks like this PS3 > 5ft HDMI > HDMI 4x4 Matrix > 25ft Dual cat5e > Matrix 1x4 switch > 5ft HDMI > AVR > 15' HDMI > Projector

That's quite a path... Have you swapped/replaced all the HDMI cables? One of them may be starting to fail. Also, the PS3 may be the only thing spitting out full 1080p. (The appletv can in certain situations.) Maybe try lowering the resolution on the PS3 to 1080i (matches the directv if you have hd with them) or 720p and see if the problems disappear. If so, one of your cables/switches may be having problems and isn't able to send the full bandwidth.
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I'm having the same issue and haven't been able to work out. It does seem like an EDID/Handshake issue but since it is not every time I can't pinpoint a cause or solution.

PS3 > 3ft hdmi > matrix > HDMI > Denon 1908 AVR > Sony KDS60-3000A is one path, here form time to time I get no picture at all, just flickering black screens as all things seem to be trying to figure out the correct resolution.

PS3 > 3ft hdmi > matrix > 2x CAT6 STP > cat to hdmi box > 3ft HDMI > LG 42LD520, here I get the black screen cycling in about every 5 seconds.

A power cycle of the main matrix box fixes both issues. I've programmed buttons on my iRule remote to perform the power off, wait 10 seconds, power on, wait 3 seconds and select correct output. But this is a bit of a hassle as powering off the matrix kills what anyone else might be watching in another room.

As I have said, it doesn't happen every time so troubleshooting has been a pain. The PS3 does not seem to care much about EDID, the settings on mine are set to output 7.1 as PCM (have the old 40gig fat) and it does this whether watching on the theater TV with the denon avr in the stream or when just using the TV which has only the TV stereo speakers. So, can't watch a bluray in the living room unless going to the PS3 settings first. Not a big deal, we mainly use it in the living room for netflix, which even with DD the TV can decode to stereo so. Games work well too, mostly just kids stuff and they don't care if they are missing out.

My Dune player is just the opposite. It will only output in stereo no matter which display is viewing as I am sure that the stereo TVs are sending out EDID even when not in use. I can live with this also as I use an HTPC for rips in the theater.

The flickering PS3 is the only thing I really don't want to have to live with. In the grand scheme of things it is not too big of a deal but the WAF of it is low. Every time the little LG NO SIGNAL graphic appears on the TV in the living room my 3 year old daughter sighs, "why is it not working?" repeating what she has heard me say a dozen times.

So, in short, you're not alone but I don't have anything constructive to offer to help you. I am just going to live with it until prices on the better matrices fall a bit, or my finances allow me to splurge on an upgrade.
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I have a more bizarre PS3 setup than you guys, but I don't use the monoprice matrix. I have the Binary SnapAV one. I'll test various situations and see if this is happening for me too. I suspect it will be ok which points fingers at the matrix, but it may be a PS3 thing instead.
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