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New Receiver/Processor to go with Adcom GFA-7705 and Klipsch RF-7II

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I'm looking for a Receiver or Pre/Pro in a price range of approx $1500 that will work well with my Adcom GFA-7705 Amp and Klipsch RF-7 II (Latest Model).

Currently my system consists of:

Yamaha RX-v3300 Receiver used as a Pre/Pro
Amplifer - Adcom GFA7705 5 channel amp (200 watts@8ohms x 5)
Front Main - Klipsch RF-7 II (Latest Model)
Center - Klipsch RF64II (Latest Model)
Surrounds - Klipsch RS-35
Subwoofer- Rythmix Audio FV15HP
Dune HDI - Max (Media Player)
Oppo BDP-93 (BluRay Player)
Pioneer Elite Pro-151FD (60" Plasma)

The sound is fantastic with movies and music but my receiver is a little old and does not have any HDMI inputs. All devices are connected directly to TV for video via HDMI and audio is connected to receiver via Digital coax/optical inputs

I'm a little concerned about how a different receiver or processor could have an effect on how the Klipsch RF-7 II sound. I don't want a bright sound. Currently with the Yamaha RX-v3300 it does not sound bright or fatiguing. I have also used a few other amps with the RF-7II and they did not change sound at all. I know a receiver should not color the sound at all but there are many posts on this site about what receivers go better with certain speakers or tube amps are great with Klipsch speakers because of the horns so I want to be sure before I buy.

Any advice is appreciated


If anyone in NY metro area and is interested I have a Bryston 9B-SST (5 channel amp), Adcom GFA5800 (2 channel amp), Adcom GFA-5503 (3 channel amp), and a pair of Klipsch RF-7 (original/cherry) for sale. All in excellent condition/pickup only. Send message
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I suggest that you read the Home Theater magazine review of the Cambridge 551R receiver.

It runs $1200, and I think it is the best-sounding one you can buy for that price. They seem to agree, as you will see when you read the article.

You could try it both with and without the Adcom amplifier and see which sounds better; it may even sound better by itself. Power would not seem to be much of an issue, since those are very sensitive speakers.

It sounds like the rest of your system is very good, and a new receiver would be the logical upgrade path, as you say.

Have you tried the Bryston in your system? Do you think the Adcom sounds better?

I suspect that the Bryston amplifier and Cambridge receiver would sound wonderful together.

I use a Bryston 3B-SST amplifier with a Audio Research LS-26 preamp and Gallo speakers and the sound is excellent.
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I will read the article it sounds interesting

The Adcom and Bryston sound the same to me. Before I purchased the Klipsch RF-7 II. I called Klipsch and s/w Ryan and was told the Bryston at 140 watts (8 ohms) was a little underpowered. He said sometimes the woofers in a short burst will demand alot of power and could clip the amp and the horn/tweeters could be damaged. I did not want to worry about this. I read so many people use just receiver to power with no problems since they are super efficient. I think what the extra power/reserve in the amp does is when you crank it up they are crystal clear at super high volume levels without the risk of clipping and damaging the speakers. If your not going to play at high levels then fine but if you push it with an underpowered receiver/amp you run the risk of blowing a tweeter. I read it's better to have more power than less power. Overdriving an under powered amp is far more damaging to speakers than having an amp with alot of power

I got the Adcom GFA 7705 at such a great price I could not pass it up. To me they sound the same. The upside is that I can sell the Bryston for a sizeable amount and buy a new receiver/ processor and have a good amout left over to do some more upgrades. The Bryston still has approx 14 yrs left on warranty
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