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want to get your thoughts on my planned setup

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I’ve been here a while but keep to myself and use the search function.

I wanted to get everyone’s thoughts on this winters project.

Current devices and speakers

Panasonic p58s2
Pioneer Elite vsx-23txh
Scientific Atlanta 8300hd
Xbox 360 (slim)
Klipsch F2 (LF,RF)
Klipsch C2 (center)
Klipsch S2 Surrounds (LR,RR) on Heavy duty 3 post Sanus stands
Klipsch Sub10

Well the other half wants a vent-less fireplace and the only logical place to put it is where the TV is. So this of course means that I have to mount the TV on the wall and do away with the media cabinet under it.

In order to do that, I will be mounting everything inside of the wall of the adjacent closet. I have a 2 post that I will attach to a stud on each side of it. I will use shelves and component plates to pretty it up, As well frame the perimeter with a wood boarder.

So my question is since I’m doing all this; I’m thinking about going to In-Wall speakers. Currently I’m looking at doing a pair of KL-6504-THX for the front left and right with KL-6502-THX taking up the center and rear channels.

So first off what’s your thoughts of these and will my currently receiver power then decently.

other questions is when doing the rears being that the couch is right up against the rear wall is it best to put rear in walls directly behind you or off to the sides pointing in towards you. I can’t really try and see what works as obviously I have to cut some holes in the wall.

And finally will these be equivalent or better than the old speaker setup. Also been looking at in wall subs but I can’t see how this can possibly sound decent without shaking the crap out of the wall and vibrating everything.
My budget is around 3k for all the speakers.

House diagram is attatched house diagram.png 70k .png file

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figured is post the image like this so no one would have to DL it.

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no comments yet? Forgot to mention the dimensions of the room are 12x24.

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In general, the in-wall speakers that will sound as good as what you have now are far far more expensive. I would avoid going that route if at all possible. I would stick with what you have, except for the subwoofer.

The sub you have is inadequate for your room size, but the rest of the speakers should give you good performance.

The Klipsch RW12 is around $400 at Amazon; I would suggest that you get it or a similar one. You need a 12-inch sub with a minimum of 300 watts RMS power.

Your current one, at 10 inches and 200 watts is far to small for the room.

I would suggest that you move the TV and speakers to the wall on the left and give the far end wall up to the fireplace. Viewing from one end of a 24-foot room to the other is quite a distance. I view my 60-inch TV from about 10 feet away and that seems perfect for movies and sports etc.

I would try that configuration with a 3.1 system, because you have no good options for rear speaker locations.
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Moving the TV is not going to work unfortunately as the wall on the left is a 7 foot bay window so I can’t do that. Only other viable wall is the wall opposite of the bay window but that would create allot of glare from the bay window and the smaller window adjacent to it.

I forgot to mention that I have hard wood floors and the walls and ceiling are the old school plasterboard / plaster coat...so as far as the sub 10 i have it turned down. Out of the box it was ridiculous.

We have been talking about bumping up the tv size and (she doesn’t know) I’ll be upgrading the receiver as well. I’m really digging on the 75" samy but I'm pretty positive that I would be watching it by myself as the cost is just under 10k (what a deal right).

What am I looking at to find equivalent In-walls?

My biggest reason for going this route is that I don’t have the separate media room or the formal living room; so I kind of have to share the space with the other half as well as any get together’s that might occupy the space.

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Sounds like you have a problem or two there, heh-heh.

The TV you have is a good size if you move it to the right side wall. I suggest that you invest in heavy opaque drapes that can be used to cover the windows completely when viewing and then uncover them at other times. That will be a bit cheaper than $10 grand.

Actually, if you really want to keep the TV at that end of the room, I would suggest that you get the Mitsubishi 82" DLP TV, which Amazon has for $1900. I have the 60-inch model, and it has the best picture I have ever seen; the DLP technology is hard to beat! Unfortunately, Sony bailed out of their joint venture with Mitsubishi on the DLP system for some reason, and Mitsubishi is the only one still using it, but it is really excellent and the prices are outrageously good. It does have to sit on a base unit, however, so that may not work for you. Maybe the fireplace could go at the center of the long wall??? That would put it in the middle of the room; better for the distribution of the heat output. Having it at one end would actually not be good; the heating would be too localized.
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pulled the trigger. the other half doesnt know yet.

ordered the following:

(2) klipsch KL-6504 for front left and right
(5) klipsch KL-6502 for center, surrounds and rears
(2) klipsch RW-5802 Subwoofer
(1) DI SubAmp 600

and a Denon AVR-4520CI

and this is how im going to set everything up closet side wall will have the component rack cut in.

Subs a are the blue speakers. Ideally i know you want them in the front pointing back but id like to keep them out of the front wall as its also the bed room wall. I get yelled at enough.

Also played around with the furniture a bit and move the couch and love seat around and remeasured the room its 12x20 not 24 not sure where i got that number. not that it makes a huge differance.

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