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We are replacing a very old projector with new 3D projector and now need HDMI. Our current set up is B+K reference 50 to Lexicon LX-7 amp driving Kef reference speakers and we have been very happy with this from an audio standpoint. My options within my budget appear to be 1) Use an HDMI switcher for video and keep audio connections the same from blu ray, satellite, etc. to B+K 2) Use an HDMI scaler/switcher and keep audio the same 3) New pre-pro such as Integra 40.2 or Marantz 7005 (and am willing to entertain recommendations on others at same or lower price point). I was fairly set on option 3 until it was suggested to me that these newer pre-pros would actually be an acoustic compromise from the B+K. Anyone have any strong opinions on this. If option 1 or 2 is good I have no objection to saving the cost difference but wonder if that arrangement would create AV sync issues.