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JBL Array 1400, 880 and 800

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I just bought an used JBL Array system, 5.1, and I would appreciate if somebody could point me in the right direction regarding matching amps.

I am not ready to spend a lot of money so I was thinking about Emotiva, I have owned some Emotiva amps but I do not know if they are a good match for the JBL´s.

My first idea would be to buy the Emotiva XPA5 (5x200w) and afterwards the XPA2.

Right now I am using an Adcom GFA7607, 7*125w, so I could probably biamp if I wanted to, but I think this amp is not powerful enough for the JBL.

Keep in mind that I live in Europe, so not all amps are available here.

Thanks in advance !!
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Congratulations on a great purchase! You should get much joy out of the Arrays.

I'm copying your post and putting it in the JBL thread here on AVS. You may get many more responses from people there. You'll still get responses here, too. smile.gif
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