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I posted this in the Samsung HL61A750 owners thread but thought it might get a better view here.

I have a HL61A750 that won't fire one LED. Two come on but one always doesn't light. If I switch around the connectors, any two will light but when all three connectors are hooked up, one always stays off. I have replaced the red LED which was toast as well as the LED driver board which wasn't sending 16V to all three LED's. Now, when I test the voltages, I get 16V to all three but it still isn't working right. I've verified its not the cables because I have swapped them and still have the problem. What could cause this? Would this be a power supply issue? It seems like a voltage regulation issue. I don't know where to look from here or how to check it. Voltages seem fine until all three LED's are plugged in and then one drops to zero.

DMD board?
Main Board?
Some other board?

Thanks for the help. I'm trying to figure this out before the returns policy window on the other items I've replaced runs out. wink.gif