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Help with PCH video setting needed

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I've tried searching a number of sites fora solution to this issue but no-one seems to have had precisely the same issue so I'd very much appreciate some advice.

I have a PCH-A210 feeding an Epson 8350 projector via an HDMI switch (I have 4 sources). I am only using an attached external HDD which has a wide variety of files and I'd like to get the best quality out of my new projector. Until now I've had no issues but in checking the settings after applying the latest firmware I noticed that the video setting was at 720p so I tried switching it to 1080p 60hz (and also tried 50hz). The problem is that every time I save this setting, the screen goes blank and the projector says no HDMI signal is being received.
Only only pressing the TV mode button and 7 on the remote can I get a picture back but the setting has then defaulted back to 720p.
Am I doing something incorrect here or is there something else I need to be doing?

Re-Edit: no luck, it still defaults to 720p, every other setting results in a blank screen......
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Is it possible to try bypassing the HDMI switch to eliminate that?

I had a similar problem with my Xbox 360, and it turns out I had a bad HDMI cable. I thought it would never happen, but it did happen to me!
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Well, I took your advice and swapped cables, twice. Also, if I go direct with one HDMI cable to the projector I can re-set the resolution without any problem but once the switch is involved, it's no go, even after the cable swapping.

I don't think it's the switch (a Monoprice powered switch) as the other sources are fine through the switch but the PCH remains problematic.

I actually managed at one point to get it to accept 1080p 24 through the switch but as soon as I tried to play an avi file (i,.e. a non-1080p file) it gave me a green screen and then a black one, eventually saying "no signal". I just tried to re-set now using "TV mode"+7 to change it back to 720p but the screen now says "unsupported" with different H and V values every few seconds.....

I'm wondering if the mobo is acting funky.....I'm inclined to get a WD TV Live box tomorrow and try it out to see if that works any better.
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Its a combination of the switch and the pch. the c200 is asking the switch what options it supports, and more then likely being a monoprice switch it does not pass corret edid information, So you have having issues with resolutions. The way it works is when connect to your project without the switch your porjector is saying yes I support 1080p fine and it works correctly, when you are connecting to the switch its having issues saying what it can display, and the pch is reading it then correcting itself when trying to play 1080p it knows its not supposed to. Does your switch have an override button on it. It goes be a strange name but some switches do
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Thanks halfelite for your input, it seems quite logical.
The switch is a Monoprice HDX-401E ( http://www.monoprice.com/products/product.asp?c_id=101&cp_id=10110&cs_id=1011002&p_id=4088&seq=1&format=4#feedback) and it doesn't seem to have an override switch.

I did notice though, that when I looked at the product page, in the customer reviews, it seems that several purchasers have commented that this switch does not work well with 1080p but only goes up to 1080i. Monoprice also recommended turning on the projector and sources before the switch.

I just tried experimenting with different settings with this in mind and turning on the switch last. I got a lock on 1080p 24 again but it wouldn't play any file at all, just a lot of bizarre lines and colors. No luck either again with 1080p 60. I then switched to 1080i and it now seems to be able to play most files even though the transition is not smooth with blinking screens, etc. It looks like the switch is the problem after all but I guess when you pay peanuts you get monkey business...smile.gif
Thanks again for your help. Do you have any suggestiopns for a new switch? I was looking at the Blue Jean Cable switch, reasonable price, don't know about the quality.....
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I do not know that much information about switch's but if you google for an hdmi switch that has edid options you will see there is programming modes bypass modes,

Also how many ports is your monoprice, I know a lot of the monoprice have a "special port" sometimes they say to plug a ps3 into it. if yours has the try plugging the pch into it. Usually its the last port so if is a 5 port it will be port 5 or a 4port will be port 4.
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I tried Port 4 as you suggested but no go on 1080p, it will only work on 1080i. Not acceptable but at least I know it isn't the PCH.....

I'm going to give this one a try: http://www.amazon.ca/Kinivo-501BN-Premium-wireless-adapter/dp/B0049SCB2Y/ref=lh_ni_t

It has good reviews and if it has issues, at least Amazon will take it back.
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