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So I have been waffling and wavering on seats the last few weeks, cant decide wth to get as nobody local stocks anything affordable. The high end local stores were brands like salamander, camden, elite, etc....the regular furniture stores had very few to look at as well.

So I contact Roman at about some lagoon seats - I liked the look but real leather with a warranty put me close to 2100 for 3 seats which is not a bad deal but the CFO (wife) wasnt sure about spending that much on seats after all the equipment, screen, custom cabinet and back to the hunt I go. Roman was great BTW and I feel bad I wasted some of his time.

I found albany seats on that looked ok for 1400 shipped and had decided that is what I wanted to do, I THOUGHT! Of course then my wife thought maybe a brown would be better and we found some Coaster Rizzo's that looked nice, about to pull the trigger on those when in the 11th hour I stumble across a quick ship item in's website. Palliser Camio 3 seat setup in grade 2000 anthracite leather, it looks like an AWESOME seat in the pics - the price, 1890 bux with a warranty of 5 years bumper to bumper.

So on to my shout out - on Dec. 2nd I saw stargate was having 11% off any order - I emailed on sunday night (the last day of the sale) and asked if I could still get the 11% off if I called monday as I had a bunch of questions and needed advice, they emailed me back and said absolutely since I contacted them during the sale they would honor the discount on a future order. Well that email reply went to junk mail for some reason on yahoo and I just figured they never got the email or didnt want to honor the discount - no big deal. Well when I found it I replied and said I was interested in the albany and Dave Zimmerman sends me an email back to call and we can discuss. Well a dozen phone conversations later of me trying to figure out what seats I wanted the climax of the whole event was today as I found the Palliser's last night - Dave originally thought that was an old seat and maybe someone goofed on the website. He said the price was stupid low as those seats MSRP'd for well over 1000 per chair. He went on to say it was one of the most comfortable chairs he had ever sat in and he would have to check with the owner to see but said he highly doubted they even existed as they were discontinued 18-20 months ago. Well he calls me back 30 mins later and says they are in fact REAL, ONE SET LEFT and if I didnt buy them he was going to. On top of it all they gave me the 11% with free shipping and a 5 year warranty. So my total damage was 1689.00 for the very last set of brand new palliser camio's (aka cagney) probably in the world. I am very happy I found the item online and a big thanks to Dave for all his help along the way and to group at stargate for being so stand up and honoring the 11% discount 12 days after the promotion ended.

I just felt like a stand up company needed to be commended as I find it less and less frequent these days.

I will update the thread when they arrive with some pics smile.gif - This is also my first HT build even though it isnt a dedicated theater space.

Here they are: