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Originally Posted by Franin View Post

I had it on my my 93 Ralph but I put it on my Denon 2500BT Ralph no issue at all.


Interesting. Thanks Frank..

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Originally Posted by dharel View Post

These audio dropouts seem to be occurring on different branded players with various newer blu-ray releases.
I've read in multiple forum threads that the temporary fix is to set the player to LPCM rather that bitstream.
Hopefully firmware updates will resolve the issue, otherwise something will need to be done by those releasing these discs.
Oh, and just so we're still on topic, I look forward to buying this movie. Thanks for the review, Ralph!


Thanks for sharing your thoughts dharel. You're welcome and be sure to post back once you have seen Total Recall.. smile.gif

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Got my copy from Amazon Tuesday morning and played it that afternoon on my Panasonic DMP-BDT500. I have the player set to PCM using the Analog Audio Outputs and had none of the audio problems experienced by some others.
I'm new to Blu Ray, this is my first player, and it seems like audio and/or video problems are reported with nearly every new blu ray disc that comes out. As I said, I'm new to this format, but I just don't understand why these companies don't have a standard way of formating these blu ray disc'. I mean, why don't they make them all the same so the players don't have to have firmware updates every time you turn around?

Anyway, I thought the movie was pretty good but not as good as I expected. I ordered the the Schwarzenegger "Mind Bending Edition" of Total Recall along with this new version so I could watch the old version again on blu ray before I watched the new one. I like the old movie better and I honestly didn't think I would.
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I have added an addendum to the review relative to the audio dropout issue.

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Originally Posted by Donmonte View Post

I also have multiple audio drop outs on the Oppo 93.
Hope it's a firmware issue and that it gets resolved soon, otherwise it's a great disc !

Dropouts and other audio noise were such a problem (using Oppo 93) that I did not enjoy the selection at all.

EDIT: reset Oppo to force LPCM and reciever to Dolby IIX and all problems solved... and like the sound balance better.
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Audio dropouts constantly on my new Sony S790 BD player via Bitstream to my Pioneer SC05 AVR. Setting to LPCM resolved the problem, but that is not acceptable! Should play both ways fine.

Just what is with these studios today? Think they can get away selling us inferior garbage? Perhaps outsourced to the cheapest bidder (or off shore sweat shops) mastered discs!

Sadly, I have a perfectly good Pioneer Elite 23fd that I can no longer use, and thus why I played this on the Sony S790. Starting approximately 6 months ago, my Pioneer will only play maybe 1 out of 10 store bought newly released BD movies! The rest show the disc not being recognized. Yet my 23fd can still play EVERY one of my older BD movies with zero problems.

Sort of makes me wonder? Once blu-ray beat out the competitor (HD DVD), they have no more competition, and so now feel they can let the quality slide?
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Let's not go overboard complaining about all the audio problems constantly caused by poor Blu-Ray product. I, for one, haven't found that to be true. There are too many variables involved to immediately blame the discs - different players hooked into different AVR's or processors - with various firmware potential issues with each device. In this case, Total Recall, it sounds like it may be truely a disc issue. But to say only 1 out of 10 discs will play indicates a poor player to me. I have over 1700 Blu-Rays and have three different players and have had playback issues in only about 5 cases in the last 5 years. Now, if you want to complain about picture quality or audio quality - there are dozens of titles I can sight with issues there - but pressing or authoring problems, I haven't experienced it. Ralph, how many bad discs have passed your way with playback issues? (I received my copy of Total Recall yesterday, so will report back after I've had a chance to play it, probably tonight).
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Originally Posted by moovtune View Post

Ralph, how many bad discs have passed your way with playback issues? (I received my copy of Total Recall yesterday, so will report back after I've had a chance to play it, probably tonight).


I have reviewed approximately 1130 Blu-ray titles and have found only a couple of issues like this. Whatever the cause problems like this aren't prevalent.

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Bought this and was surprised at how enjoyable it was!
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Count me in as having the audio dropouts on bitstream, panasonic dmp-bd85 and pioneer elite sc-57 receiver. Just watched it 2 hours ago. Never had a dropout problem before, updated my firmware last week.
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Had numerous audio drop outs on redbox rental. Could not watch it. Sony BDP-S590 connected to Onkyo NR-609. Thought my AVR was having problems. Sounds like the disc has some issues.
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Well, I'm glad to see that I wasn't crazy. My setup has been flawless for the last few years with Blu-Ray playback until watching Totat Recall from Redbox tonight.

I have a Sony S370 feeding through a Denon AVR-988. I've always let the Denon do the decoding. Had probably 40+ audio dropout over the course the movie. I didn't try letting the player do the decoding.

Though, even if Sony does fix the discs and/or players, this one won't be going in my library.
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I thouroughly enjoyed this film. It sucked me right into the action and I really liked the characters. Lots of eye candy and great sound. The chase scenes were great also. I had a redbox rental
and there were no audio dropouts. Panasonic DMP-BDT310 through a Marantz SR7005.
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Just an FYI reminder - the audio dropouts are when using bitstream audio out from your BD player. Using PCM seems to play normally.
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Originally Posted by WRX_Rocky View Post

Just an FYI reminder - the audio dropouts are when using bitstream audio out from your BD player. Using PCM seems to play normally.

Shouldn't play correctly out of the box. Instead I'm pulling out cables and reinserting them. Starting and stopping player. Powering off AVR only to find out bitstream is the issue. I would have never known this if I was not an AVS member. Kind of annoying. JMHO.
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Hey, folks. I'm having the same audio issues, multiple extended dropouts, Sony BDP-S790 going into an Onkyo TX-SR875 with the audio and video on separate HDMI and the Onkyo decoding. I moved the disc down to an older Panasonic BMP-BD30 (which seems to play everything without a hitch) in a different receiver input, a/v combined, and the dropouts were still present but momentary and not as annoying.

I've had this problem only once before, over years and hundreds of lossless soundtracks, on an LG-BD390 with HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON, also a Dolby TrueHD disc. Moving the disc to the Pani completely solved the issue then.

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Multiple audio dropouts as well on an Oppo BDP-95 into an Integra DHC 80.3. Changed the Oppo to output LPCM via HDMI and allowed flawless audio playback on this problematic new disc.
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I watched it last night on a Marantz 7004 to an Integra 80.3 with bitstream out. I had three dropouts, 1 snap and an overload distortion noise in the right surround at one point. These problems definitely require a total recall.
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Originally Posted by moovtune View Post

These problems definitely require a total recall.

Aaaah , I see what you did there. :-)
Yup, dropouts on my Panny BDT-500 via Bitstream. PCM works fine though. Wonder if BB will refund me.
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Watched again last night on my Denon 2500bt ( transport player ) no audio dropout.
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What just came to mind, going back a bit to the HD vs BD days - it was also HD DVD movies using Dolby TrueHD audio tracks that were having the same problems as this. Audio dropouts when using Bitstream - and same fix as well, use LPCM mode. DTS HD always would play fine (except one old Onkyo problem with a loud POP, fixed later with a firmware update). So perhaps an old "bug" has reappeared again? Or perhaps Dolby is now been bypassed by DTS for the best audio performance today?
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Hi, David. Just having the same problems, and almost the same exact setup you have (my Onkyo is TX-NR717, but the same BD player). Glad I found this place. I've already returned the first disc as defective. The suggestion to fix it works but a real hassle to change back and forth to bitstream. smile.gif
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Same drop out issue using Oppo 95 and a Marantz AVS. Switching to LPCM does the trick but the sound seems different or not as clear. Could be all in my mind...anyone else notice a sound difference?
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Dolby TrueHD audio dropouts throughout the entire bluray disc. Pausing/replaying or going backwards a couple of seconds usually fixed it, but it won't be long before it comes back again. This is a rental from Redbox.

While switching to PCM did the trick, the sound quality was somewhat subdued. Definitely less in dynamic range compared to Bitstream.

There is something not quite right here. Hope the technical folks on this forum can explain it. I sense it's something to do with high bitrates...

Denon AVR-789 receiver
Samsung BD-P2500 bluray
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Any audible difference between bitstream and LPCM will be due to the difference in the way an AVR handles LPCM. Levels will be different, usually LPCM will be at a lower level in most AVRs. But the audio itself is bit-for-bit identical.
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Multiple audio dropoutson a Sony 790. Too bad sony can't get this to play properly on their own players
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Played Total Recall last evening and experienced Dolby TrueHD dropouts numerous times. Length of time on the dropouts was variable, but never a hiccup with the video which was excellent. Switched my OPPO BDP83 to LPCM and no further issues. Audio was being fed to a Marantz AV8003 when I had the dropouts. This is the first time I ran into this problem on my Marantz decoding a bitstream feed since i bought it a few years ago.
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Blu ray disc wont playiny Vizio playerbut runs well in my magnavox blu ray....
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I am having the same issues with my netflix rental copy. Im about 40 minutes into it and it has dropped like 10 times, and after backing up and replaying to many times i decided to google it and good old avs popped up. I have a Sony bdp-S780 and a Onkyo tx-sr705, and i have switched to pcm instead of bitsteam and so far so go. I have 169 blu rays and never had an issue like this before. Before I had blu ray i had issue with the miami vice movie on hd-dvd. But that was fixed with a firmware update from toshiba. Maybe Collin Farrel movies are just unlucky ha ha. But it is nice to know its not something with my reciever or player.
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I too experienced the audio dropout almost constantly throughout the movie. I have a Pioneer SC-07 with the OPPO BDP-93, latest updates, and nice quality 1.4a HDMI cables. I haven't tried LPCM yet.
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