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Klipsch Rw-12D vs. sw-450 question...

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Hey everyone, i currently have 2 rw-12d's in a 12 X 13 room (pretty small), and while the output of the rw-12d's is tremendous, the SW-450 in this room seems to have lower extension and more accurate sound especially when watching movies. I used transformers as my test movie and noticed that the rw-12d almost seems to ignore some of the very low notes in the movie while the 450 handled them perfectly. I've only got a few hours on the rw's so should i just give them more time? Or is my problem having 2 subs this size in such a small room? BTW i'm comparing 1 rw-12d to 1 sw-450, wouldn't be fair to compare both 12's to one sw-450.

I'm thinking My options are get another Sw-450 and sell my rw-12d's ( I can get them brand new for $180 to my door)


Sell all 3 and get a Definitive supercube?

Thanks for any advise or recommendations.
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I also own an SW-450. Got a good deal on it years ago. It's a pretty capbable sub. It's downfiring and will shake the floor easily in a room that size. Since owning it, I bought 2 Bic America F-12's and wasn't happy with how low they would go in a room that's about the size of yours. I got rid of the F-12's and have since purchased a Hsu 15" sub which is working pretty nicely in the room.

Back to what you were saying, I haven't compared the sw450 to the other Klipsch subs you're talking about but eventhough the sub is all the craze around here mostly because of what they say it a lot of output for the $300 price, I wouldn't think they would be better than 2 sw450's in that room or even as good.

Know that I don't go crazy about doing a bunch of sound measurements, room nulls and all that stuff. I let my ears do the talking.

I'm sure someone who understands the 'science' of subwoofers will have something to add.

There are a few threads on the Supercube here if you do a search on this forum.

I find it really funny though how they call it a 'science'.
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Are they both in the same location, when doing the tests?.
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Thanks for the reply Prime, theres not a whole lot of info or tests on the 450 and i think its often overlooked. Im glad im not the only one who thinks it sounds awesome, i have a few friends who have the lower end 10 inch Hsu and while they sound good i cant justify the price considering the deals i can get on other subs. The 15 you have sounds like it would be a different story lol. The claimed 17hz response from the supercube is tempting...

And yes when i was testing them they were in the same place, i tested them both in 2 different places.
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Having a room close to the size of the one you have, I am sure 2 sw450's can fill it. Heck, one can. The question is, are you going to get the output you're happy with. It's going to give you what you need for movies but is it going to give you what you feel you want is the question.

I fell into a trap when I came on to this site. I got trapped in all the subwoofer posts and ended up buying a huge sub. I like it, don't get me wrong. But I'm thinking I would have been just fine if I hadn't come here with my SW450.

Oh well, what's done is done. Ignorance was bliss......lol.
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Yeah i agree, im trying to avoid the trap you speak of lol. I think im going to sell all 3 and get something with deeper extension such as the definitive tech. Ive come to realize that extension is whats most important to me.
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You can do much better than Def Tech sub. Beware of def tech specs. I dont think it is better than your Klipsch even.
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After hearing a few in person, im going to have to agree with you on that one. I think my best bet is sell them then try a HSU VTF-2 MK4.
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The vtf2.4 will be better than those you mentioned. I used to have the vtf2.3 and RW12 and the vtf2.3 was better. For your room size, one vtf2.4 will be plenty. With that being said, the Outlaw LFM-1 plus currently on sale will also be a good choice.
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I wish you wouldn't have reminded me of the Outlaw, it doesn't make my decision any easier lol.
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