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samsung un40c6400rf trouble

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customers set, out of warrantee, turns on from cold-- then after about 15 minutes sound starts cutting out then pic start cutting out then it will cycle on and off continually, the power status light flashes 5 times between each restart---if you leave set on it will enventually just shut off completely

any ideas?

the capacitor problem?

junk it?

if it matters it has the latest firmware, and no difference
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...post your message in the UNXXC6300,6400, 6500 owners thread...a person named Squishy Tia may be able to help you....good luck !
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been a while, i had replaced this set with a new sharp set and customer was very happy. so had this in storage so pulled it out to trouble shoot. i ran the set on the bench with the back off for 4 days straight and it would not mess up--it was driving me crazy. so i put the back on and fired it up, it ran for about 15 minutes then the sound cut out, then slowly video cut out then
set eventually shut off. hmmm so it will only act up with the back panel attached. so i removed screws one at a time while it was acting up-- no effect. so when it was acting up i took panel off and started checking for kinked/cut wires and looses connections, nothing found. but set turned back on normal after back panel was off for 5 minutes.i did this a few more times to verify. so i started checking with an IR heat gun. the chips on the main board were getting very hot. after some further trouble shooting it turns out that it is the large chip on the main board is overheating or producing a bad connection when heated.

so im going to try a few things 1st, but looks like i will need to replace the main board. must decide if its worth the cost.
im not sure if this is just a defective part or i suspect perhaps a issue compounded by poor design.
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