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Theater Seating

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Hey Guys,
This is my first post on here. I own an online AV company which I wont mention the name of because it is against the rules and Im not here to promote business. I simply would like to give my opinion on the new theater seats we purchased for our new office lobby.

I did a lot of research and spoke with many industry professionals & other AV dealers before making my purchase and I even went against my gut when making this purchase.

After looking around quite a bit we settled on Seatcraft Venetian seats. We thought they looked nice and with the LED lights (although counter productive when watching a movie because it adds additional ambient light to the room) it would be very ecstatically pleasing for customers who might stop by the office.

After doing my research I found nothing but bad reviews about Seatcraft as far as the quality of the products, shipping issues, and the nonexistent customer service. All these issues would normally steer me right away from making a purchase but in this case I wanted to give it a shot. I found the Venetians on Theaterseat and the look of the website worried me a bit, being in this business there are certain things that are red flags. Also the live chat they have never seemed to be working or it was always offline. So I figured I would send an offline chat to test it and see if I got a response. Sure enough Patty emailed me back answering all of my questions. I was satisfied with the customer service and made the decision to order the seats through them. They were offering a special at the time so even better for me. I ordered a straight row of 3 black manual recline with the LEDs. Patty informed me that I would have my tracking number within a couple of days and that they would be shipping direct from the Seatcraft warehouse in CA. Sure enough within a couple of days I got my tracking number and now here is where I started to worry. I read review after review of the seats not being packed right or being damaged in shipping.
Well I honestly couldn't be happier with the seats. They arrived packed very well and secure, there wasn't a mark on them and the order was shipped complete. They were very easy to set up and are very comfortable to sit in. The bonded leather is a bit noisy but its not a big deal. I have included a couple pictures below, I wish I got a picture of them packaged up but I was eager to check them before the driver left and he didn't look like he wanted to stick around.
Anyway, I just wanted to post a positive review of Theaterseat and of SeatCraft.

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They look nice. I got my Lane 103s from Theaterseat in under 10 days at a much cheaper price than any of the other online stores, and they also replaced a damaged tray table without issue. I almost went with the Venetians but decided I didn't really need anything else lighting up my theater.
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Thanks, they came out much nicer then expected. I am really happy with them. Theaterseat had the best prices out of everyone as well.
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Just curious but what are your impressions of the internal construction of the seatcraft seats? Debating between the seatcraft eros and interior express cannes. One of my worries is it seems in general seatcraft is on the budget side (not a bad thing) but I do worry about the internal construction of them because I am going to be wiring shakers into my seats so I worry years of vibration will take its toll.
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To be honest, today was the first time that I have actually gotten to sit in them. We are entering that is it going to get here by Christmas if I order it today so we see a dip in sales right before Christmas. However, it gave me time to actually get to sit in the seats and relax for a bit. Put in Total Recall and relaxed for once. I have to admit, I was very surprised with the seats. They are very comfortable, about an hour into the movie I realized how comfortable I was. The padding is firm and supportive. I have them set up very close to the wall yet they still recline nicely. As far as the internal construction, it is very solid. It doesn't seem flimsy at all. When I was putting them together, everything was tight no rattling or wobbling. If you want I can try and get a pic of one of them extended tomorrow to show you the underside.

By the way Total Recall was awesome, one of the few movies I didn't get a chance to see in the theaters.
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Can you please post some photos from the underside. I too ordered a set of three just like you did and I'm curious of the construction and what it looks like form underneath. Thanks in advance.
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Also, did you get the power seats or manual? I ordered the power as I like the ability to recline to any degree
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