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Need Noob Help on Soundbar Purchase

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Hello AVS...

I did 2-3 days of solid research on a soundbar and had it narrowed down to the Sony HTC-T260 or the Polk 5000 (really looking for best soundbar w/Bluetooth). Both of these models hook up via Optical and have no HDMI.

However, I looked at my POS Philips 7403 TV and found out it doesn't even have an Optical hookup....OMG!!! (has 4 HDMI ports total - using one for XBox and the other for BlueRay)

So it appears that if I want a soundbar for this television, the soundbar MUST have HDMI....is this correct?

How do the XBox and BlueRay hook up? When using HDMI on a soundbar, does everything plug into the soundbar...then a single HDMI to TV? Do you just keep the source on the TV the same at all times? How do you choose which HDMI device your using?

Confused a bit...

Any recommendations on a soundbar...with HDMI and Bluetooth??

Maybe it's new TV time....YIKES!!!
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Did you look at page 32 of your TV owner's manual? Where it shows a diagram of how to connect a digital home theater amplifier? Your TV has digital coax out. If you purchase a soundbar that only has digital optical in, you just need a simple converter available at Monoprice, Amazon, etc.
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I warned you I was a noob... smile.gif

I had no idea I could purchase such an adapter...I'm so used to looking at the square-ish hole (the one with the flap...TOSLINK??) as digital-optical.

Could you provide an Amazon link or search terms for me??
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Thanks PG...appreciate it!!

One last question....would there any loss of sound quality when using this adapter? Typically think there is whenever you "adapt".

Think I read one review where DTS didn't work....
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There shouldn't be any SQ loss going through an adapter. As far as DTS, you won't get that anyway when source device is connected to a TV. The BD player will downmix since it knows it is connected to a 2 ch. stereo device (the TV).
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