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Definitive BP2006 blows amp every time it is plugged in

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I need a little help here, I can solder and replace components as necessary, but not a lot about troubleshooting. I have a mint pair of BP2006, one of them was recently unplugged to move. When it was plugged back in, there was a loud pop and the amp blew. I got a replacement from ebay, when I pluged it in, it popped, but worked fine. I had to unplug the RCA cable to push it back in place, when I plugged it back in, the new amp blew!! They worked fine for the past year, now I am afraid to do anything with them? Any ideas why it would suddenly be this sensitive? The other one is fine, but now I am afraid to unplug it too!
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There are a bunch of possibilities. Your speaker may have gone and then caused the amp to go (or when the amp blew, it took the speaker). When you plug in the second amp, it had to blow also.

You can check the speaker by connecting a 9 volt battery to the plus and minus terminals. It the speaker moves, then it has likely not failed.
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The speaker is good, I actually had it playing for about 10 minutes before I had to move disconnect the RCA to put the speaker back in it's place. Sorry, I left that part out. I did have the line level turned all the way down when it was plugged in, the WHUMP was full force however!
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If you had the level turned all the way down and got a "whump" when you reconnected the speaker, that shows that the amplifier is putting out a DC voltage with no signal. This means that the amplifier output circuitry has shorted out and needs to be repaired.

This can be verified easily by putting a DC voltmeter across the speaker terminals of the amplifier ; the meter should read zero (less than 20 millivolts. Any larger reading means major repair time.

Connecting a speaker to it is usually going to damage the speaker unless the speaker has some sort of fuse or circuit-breaker of its own to protect it.

The speaker may operate for a while with the amplifier output circuit messed up, but as it is operating it will have a DC current through the speaker that will cause excessive heating and eventual damage to the speaker.

Once something in the speaker has shorted out, of course, that can cause a good amplifier to be damaged when connected to it.

I would first check the output terminals of both amplifier channels with a DC voltmeter. If you find DC voltage, it needs to go in for repair.

If it reads 0 volts, then try another set of speakers. If they work OK, get your speakers checked and repaired by the manufacturer or authorized repair facility.
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I have 1 y cable running out of each sub our (RX-A3010) and no voltage before it triggers on...unplugged the RCA and replugged on both big box subs, working fine. Sigh....I guess I will start looking for a high and low level amp for it! Ughhhh....all that I see on ebay is the 240V version.
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