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LG 42LM640s settings

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Hi everyone,

I just bought an LG model 42LM640s and hopefully it will arrive tomorrow. The thing is I know the default colour settings are gonna suck so I would like to have the proper settings ready before I receive the TV. However I can't manage to find anything for this specific model. Maybe because it's made for certain European countries?

I was wondering if this model has an equivalent (and more popular) model with a different name in other countries, the settings of which I can apply to mine. Or perhaps someone has the calibration settings for this specific model?

I'd appreciate any help.
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I'm thining of getting the same model, please let us know when you receive it how it looks smile.gif

I found some settings on German forums, it seems to be more popular over there, you can push it through google translate, but the settings are pretty self explanatory:

I'm wondering how local dimming works. From what I've heard of the display the picture quality should be excellent and the sound really poor.
Would be a perfect TV for me, since the sound would come from a Yamaha sound projector.
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Thanks a lot for the link. I'm going to apply them now. So far, I'm really happy with the TV. I don't know much about local dimming but the blacks look very good. The TV also has a nice and sleek appearance with a very thin frame.

Not that I played around with it much yet but so far the only below average thing would be the sound. It seems to work better on higher volumes, though. If you want to know anything specific, I'll try to help.
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Sorry to dig out this thread but I just bought this tv and was just thinking it would be great to have a qwerty remote controller for it.

Do you guys now of one that might work?

I know google made a tv with LG so maybe that qwerty controller would work...any thoughts? =)
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