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Sony BDP-S790 vs. PS3  

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Hi all,

I'm looking for a Blu-ray player for my mancave, $250.00 or less. I currently own a PS3 as my main player and am happy with it but would like to try a standalone unit this time rather than buy a second PS3. Read some good things about the Sony BDP-S790 but am unsure whether it's as good or better than the PS3. Main concerns would be BD load times and DVD upconversion and how they compare to the PS3.

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In this particular forum, mods ask that posts go in either in the Help Me Choose thread or the specific player thread. We have compared the S790 and PS3 in both the Help Me Choose thread and the PS3 thread, PS3 scaling is not the best compared to current BD players.



Help Me Choose a Player:


If your only and main concerns are DVD scaling and load times, the Panasonic has faster load times. My preference for DVD scaling is also the Panasonic over the Sony. I have both the S790 and BDT320. I also prefer the Panasonic for Blu-ray 3D and 2D->3D conversion.

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Please use one of the two threads that teachsac was nice enough to provide
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