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So I thought myself into submission... <$700 complete setup

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I realize this is a question that has been asked a million times on here and I've been reading countless threads on this; BUT, I am in the market for a new setup for <$700. No higher. I want a setup that I can build around but want something that can hold me over for a year or more in case I can't afford to step up at as soon as I'd like. My 20 year old Onkyo receiver died and I need not only a new receiver, but also a speaker system, as my old Wharfedale speakers kicked it after about a dozen moves over the course of 5 years. I listen to about 50/50 music/movies and want something versatile. Basically, Ive been researching for about a month and have thought myself into a corner! I'm consider the following

$240 - Onkyo RC360 from accessories4less
$250 - Denon 1613

I went to Magnolia and ABT to demo. I was fairly sold on the Onkyo until the guy at ABT told me that Onkyo severely overrates their power and that the receivers aren't worth it.

My bigger source of conflict comes with the speaker decision. I've heard and am considering:
$150 - Energy Take 5.0 at new egg, which I would pair with the
$200 - Klipsch Sub10, also at new egg

OR would I be better off with a pair of solid floor standers like:
$400 - Definitive Technology BP8B

Obviously with the floor standers I would have to add a sub, center, and surrounds at a later date, but I think after a while I would tire of the Take 5 and want to upgrade my mains, possibly to a pair of CB70's or something similar. I was actually very impressed with the sound of the Energy speakers but the way the Def Techs were set up (aprox 5 feet apart) it was hard to tell how they really sound. I am open to suggestions other than what I've listed. Thanks ahead for any advice!!
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I forgot to mention, the room I will be using this is about 20 x 15 with 10 foot ceilings.
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I'd rather have floorstanders than the small Take Classic speakers . 20 x 15 is pretty big for those little satellites to fill.
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"OR would I be better off with a pair of solid floor standers like:
$400 - Definitive Technology BP8B"

hate to break this to you but $400 is for 1 speaker not the pair for there cheapest floor standing speaker

I would go with

for 700$ a receiver and 2 bookshelves speakers and spend 800$ later on for floor standing speakers.. and movie the books shelves to the back.

300$ for receiver
200$ for bookshelves speakers
300$ for sub

next year 600-800$ for floor standing speakers
200$ for center

don't forget you will be getting some tax money back or at least you hope you don't have to pay
I would but more money into the receiver if you had more money

these could work for fronts for the time being with out bass I plane on getting these for my self soon
200$ book shelves

200$ center

my Opinion.

I cant vouch for any thing as in brand as I do not own what i listed but plane on buying from the site i listed when i get my taxes back
im going level 3 floor speakers level 3 center and level 2 books shelves...I hope i get 1200$ back from taxes lol

I forgot to say i check out both energy and def at my local best buy again the def book shelves prices are for one speaker...in which i was sad as they sound good but i only had 300$ to spend on book shelves to give my father for Christmas. I got energy cb10 and hook him up next year with a set of cb-5 since they are small and good for rears and the center cc10 as well for the center.

energy sounded good but not as great when the center was going same with the def,,, i turned of the center and bass and rears to hear just the fronts....they are clear sounding but not as laud as it is with a center for both def and energy
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The older def tech studio monitors are sold as pairs. Newegg has the 250 and 450 both at significant discounts. Amazon has the Polk psw505 (the one Polk sub people tend to like) and Bic f12 both for around $200. Either one of those should suit your needs for bass.
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Originally Posted by 100pr00f View Post

hate to break this to you but $400 is for 1 speaker not the pair for there cheapest floor standing speaker

Hate to break this to YOU but it was $400 for the pair ($200 ea)..... still is. smile.gif
If you like the DefTech sound this really is a great deal for you if you're still interested. It just wasn't for me. Tax money for me will be spent on a subwoofer. I have seen the PSW505 on the egg as well as the Klipsch Sub-10. I think the Klipsch would give me better sound quality but I'm not 100% sold on it's reliability. I'll probably just end up splurging on an entry level HSU, but that's still totally up in the air. Maybe in another 3 months I'll be able to make up my mind!

Thanks to everyone for the advice! I ended up going with the following:
Denon 1612 receiver
KEF Q300 bookshelf speakers in walnut

I bought both of them from A4L and both came looking brand new with zero physical faults and both worked right out of the box. They arrived in about 4 days.
The receiver was the easy part as I knew I wanted either a Denon or Yamaha, and in the end sound quality won out.
I auditioned a ton of speakers over the course of about 3 months looking for the perfect fit for me. I chose these over the following:
Definitive Technology-
BP8B (Tower)
SM45 (Book)
SM55 (Book)
SM-350 (Book)
SM-450 (Book)
ProCinema600 (HTIB)

Take 5 (HTIB
CB-20 (Book)
CF-50 (Tower)
CF-70 (Tower)

Studio Monitor (Book)
Mini Monitor series 7 (Book)
Monitor Series 7 (Tower)

Image B6 (Book)
Imagine B (Book)

Monitor Audio-
BX2 (Book)
RX2 (Book)

Chorus 706V (Book)

B & W-
685 (Book)
CM5 (Book)

Q300 (Book)
LS50 (Book)

I might do a review of the speakers I heard as I took notes on all of them, but I'm not sure I want to dedicate the time. I know many people really like some of the internet direct companies, but I could not take the leap of faith into something I can't hear before I buy, and I with the limited budget I was working with, return/shipping/stocking fees just were not an option. In general the KEF just won me over with their breadth of soundstage, the beautiful highs, and the overal warmth of the sound they produced. I've only had them hooked up for about 24hrs with about 3 hrs of play time, but they have already opened up tremendously and are sounding fuller every minute. Next up... Subwoofer!!
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