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Simple CIH side mask to match Stewart Lucus Deluxe Screenwall

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I have a Stewart Lucus Deluxe Screenwall, Fixed Frame. It is a 2.35:1 aspect ration, and I want to build or buy a couple vertical masking frames to use while watching 16:9 content.

2.35 to 1 Screen size is 115 inches x 48.9 inches and viewing area for 16/9 is 87.1 x 48.9.

I don’t need electric automated panels but would consider them if they are reasonable. I would be happy with simply hanging, or attaching with magnets, side panels if they look decent.

A couple panels I could hang on each side that had an inside edge that simulated a 16/9 version of the Deluxe Screen wall is one thought.

Panels on a simple rail system I could slide in or out of the way is another. Edit: I don't think I have enough space from each side of the screen to the wall for this option.

I already have some black velvet material I could use.

Any simple ideas or links to relevant threads as I start my research?

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Sure, I made these documented here, http://www.avsforum.com/t/1029683/diy-curved-screen-with-structural-extruded-aluminum-metal-framing/60#post_16092636
Originally Posted by mtbdudex View Post

Masking 101:

I finally made my masks for 16:9 viewing.

Found these foil back 3/4" foam boards at the Lansing Michigan Menards back in January, lightweight and much sturdier than just foam boards.

Cheap, around $10 for a 4' x 8', cut in half at the store to fit in my car.

Prior during screen build I placed the 3/8" dia magnets in the border.

Verify 16:9 projection image, use blue tape to show.

At this time I re-confirmed my screen to PJ alignment, using LH side wall as datum, 7' 2.5" center PJ to screen matched exactly, PJ/a-Lens re-tuned.

Make template for exact transfer to foam foilboards:

Cut to exact size, templates help confirm exact location of all 5 magnets relative to the edges.

I cut the foam to be 1/4" inside the screen border edge on the 3 matching sides.

You can see the 5 magnets embedded in the foil/foam board just flush with surface:

I used foil HVAC tape to secure the magnets.

1st piece on the magnet/back side, 2nd piece I wraped back to front side to securley hold the 1st piece, those little magnets are really strong and I wanted them held in place.

Did not even try glue/silicone caulk.

I was worried glue/silicone would "melt" the foam board, not sure if it would or not but I had the foil tape on hand and it works.

Dry trial before putting black velvet on them:

3" overhang for the black velvet all sides:

Electric staple gun, used 1/2" depth staples, they grabbed/held in the foil backing perfectly (one of the reason I choose the foil foam panel)

Edge treatment, not prefect from backside but no binds from frontside :


Lights on:

Turned lights off, took pict, then Photo Elements back into the orig pict for this view.

Of course my 3 year old was watching Sponge Bob, so what the heck here is that for the family people here:


They are 17" wide, by chance I have 18" below the center shelf, so when not used they will go under there!!

(I can't say I planned it that way, sometimes lady luck come your way)

One more sub-project done in the overall HT/Basement project.

March 21st, 2009.
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Thanks Mike. Looks like you came up with a good solution.

I am thinking about using some ¼” plywood I have and attaching a strip of base shoe type molding on the screen facing edge to replicate the beveled Stewart screen inside edge. I still need to find a way to hang it while holding the side and top edges flush somehow. Magnets would be great if they worked on aluminum but that isn’t a practical option. I’ll need to come up with a hanger system of some type.

Small bungees that snap or hook into the grooves on the back of the frame could work if I could figure out a way to use them.

Thanks again.
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