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Hello, and what should I/Can I do with this Video Wall?

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Hi all,

I think I'm in the correct place. This forum seems to be the only one that discussing this types of equipment with any regularity so I thought I'd ask here. I picked up a massive "video wall" made up of 9 big pioneer (model rm-v2400na) crt three gun cubes. Largely because the system was almost free and I thought they were interesting. I know very little about the system, but am interesting in finding out what the best usage for it is. e.g.... as designed, modified in some useful way, scrapped and any nice parts sold, or as boat anchors.

Good condition overall, plugged in with no input signal and everything seemed normal as far as nothing looking fried or dead.

Distribution box looks like this... brand is Lanetco... Mirage

Inputs look like this...

Big set of fresnel lenses came with it and it looks like it goes in front of the cubes. I'd love to hear any thoughts on this system and what you would do with it if you had it. If its junk, I have some creative ideas form some of the components... but I'd hate to ruin something with any potential.


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Well, you can pretend you're Bill Gates! He had a 4 X 6 cube wall in his home entrance years ago. Then Melinda wanted a bigger kitchen, and it had to go. I ended up with the 26 $27,000 cubes. smile.gif (two were spares) About 3000 hours on each set.

The Pioneers are a bit more limited, as they may be 640 X 480 resolution only, the Barco cubes that I got did up to 1080p.

They are cool to play with, but pretty much worthless, as video walls are still being made, but use flat screens now.

Part of the problem most likely is that the lenses are really limited as to the picture size they can throw, The lenses on the BArcos did a max of 50" diagonal, so I scrapped most of them for parts.

Play with the unit, did you get the VGA cables between the cubes and the controller? The controller is universal, you could drive LCD screens with it most likely, but overall, the whole thing isn't really worth anything, unless you can convince a shopping mall to buy it for cheap. THe other thing is, with use, the cubes will need calibration to get all of the color balance to line up between them, and that's a pretty involved job at this point, requiring a colorimeter. I remember seeing CRT video walls at a few Disney retail stores. They looked great for about a year or two, then they all needed work.. which of course no one allowed for.
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Whoa - totally awesome ! You make something very very very creative with that. Does it display one uniform image split among the screens and can they each display separate images? If you are not sure yourself, contact a local art school or art academy. I'm sure many art students and video professionals could create a beautiful video project out of something like this.
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Thanks for the replies, I'm going to take a crack at getting it put together. First, I need to figure out how to get a signal a single projector to see what I'm dealing with. I've run into a problem in that I'm having to learn about older input connectors. It looks like I can either try to use the 9 pin vga input or the bnc side.

I have been reading up on the 9 pin and while you can obviously buy an adapter to make the connection from say a 15 pin vga, I've read that unless your monitor or in this case, your projector, is a multisync (which I don't know if these are)... then you are going to have problems. Do these same problems present themselves if using the bnc connectors? I've seen vga to 5 BNC adapters. e.g. http://www.allaboutadapters.com/15vgato5bncr.html Might this work?
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Close up pics of the conection options on the back of the Projectors and the control/distribution boxes would help us see how they should be connected.

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this might come in handy.


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Maybe use it as a bedroom projector?
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Thanks for the link, I had downloaded that manual a couple of days ago and have been going through it. Here are some pictures of the control box, and the connections into a single projector (they are all the same). As you can see, the control box is exclusively 9 pin vga both input and output. From what I'm reading, I'm worried about a Khz match between whatever source I could use now, and the older lower or (arcade) 15Khz. Is this an issue? Or should it theoretically work with the right cable adapters?

Control Box

Wire Loom

Right Side, Projector Rear

Left Side, Projector Rear
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I believe each cube in your case will accept a 640 X 480 VGA (or I guess CGA?) signal. You'd need to find out which pins are the R G and B signals along with the sync, and wire a laptop to it, but frankly, why not just run one cube with the existing processor? Should be plug and play. Send an input signal to the processor, and see if you see 1/9 of the image.

Definitely piles of fun to play with!
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Curt, that's definitely my first plan... Direct to a single cube, then through the processor to a single cube. I'm not worrying about the rest of the wall yet. I'm more concerned with the CGA signal. I've been reading the following about the Hz difference issue. Maybe these are multi sync projectors and it will all just be plug and play.

"VGA to CGA monitor CGA monitors have horizontal scanning frequency of 15,750 Hz and screen refresh rate of 60 Hz. CGA monitors use TTL level separate sync signals. . . . CGA monitors use 9 pin D-connector. Because VGA card typically use HSYNC rate of more than 30 kHz and CGA monitor wants exactly 15.750 kHz, there is need to use some special drivers or conversion programs to make the VGA card to match this picture rate. Changing the settings on the VGA card is the only realitic way to do the conversion, because it would be difficult and not safe to modify the CGA monitor for such a substantial change in horizontal scan rate. Therefore, I would not recommend even making the attempt to do such changes. If you happen to have an operating system where you can quie freely change the sync rates and screen resolutions (for example Linux) then you can make your VGA card to send picture at the rate that CGA monitor wants with the right sync signal polarities (both HSYNC and VSYNC positive). If you do not get the frequencies right, the picture on monitor will look quite much as a complete mess or quite similar as watching a scrambled cable TV channel without the cable TV."

Read more at: http://www.epanorama.net/documents/vga2rgb/interfacing.html#vga_5bnc
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hi all,

First of all best wishes for 2013 smile.gif . I stumbled on this forum after browsing the net for Lanetco. Am a teacher at a school in Holland and the company bought years ago this cube system from Lanetco.
Basicly its the same idea as the set from Arieck but with mirrors smile.gif. The only thing I received is the software manual so I dont know how to connect all these items together (will post more pictures). As a VJ working with Resolume i thought I could bypass the software and some hardware by connecting the 6 projectors directly on a motherboard with 3 GPU cards but dont think its going to be that simple.

Connected 2 projectors but for some reason it even not gave any light from the lightbulb inside. Kinda used to beamers and stuff.

Could you guys help me out if I posted some pics later on ? Schould work right pluggin it directly to a lap or computer ?

thx in advance

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Are the units CRT based or digital bulb based? I don't recognize the chassis. It may be that both units are defective (unlikely), or that these boxes are looking for an 'on' signal from the processor box, which I gather you don't have, Will need more pictures of the inputs and outputs and of the chassis to see if it's anything we know here.
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Hi Curt,

Yeah sure will run down the studio after my lessons and take some pictures....the control unit indeed lights up a "standby" led....and can hear the projector fans and kinda seeking for signal sound.
Opened one of the projectors and saw these housings: http://www.lanetco.com/english/en-products/en-spare-parts/en-uhp-lamps.htm

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Here are the pictures just taken:
Hyperlan terminal with 4 weird dvi outputs for some splitter....means 1 port handles 2 dvi signals


cables from projector to the unit

control unit i guess

cable input from projector

back from unit where the standby led and power is lit
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OK, unfortunately I'm out, as I know nothing about the units, and once you get into custom connectors... anything is possible. About the only thing you might do is contact the manufacturer if they are still around and see if they can assist, or post on every a/v forum you can get your hands on to see if anyone knows anything.

Good luck, and post back if you get it going.
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Aa ok, thx for your time, will post my progress
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hi all,

Seems am getting some grip on the system. I manage to get a cube in fullscreen. next goal is to program the wall with 6 separate inputs on each cube and using the systems rs232 to calibrate the screens ...an other computer will distribute 6 input signals for me. Still see at the left side of my input signal a 100 pixel wide blurred edge horizontal...dont know where that comes from ...can overscan it but would be nice if i could fix it.

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At last got 3 separate inputs running and bypassed the system with extra cubes (dont excist) so I can overscan a bit. input is 1024 and for some reason 1280 in the programming sheet gives me a nice stable clean ouput....going to 1024 to 1024 will result in to small image .....weird though.

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u can sell me the distribution box.... my name is nick and i have been trying to get my hands on one. I work at Del Amo Motorsports in CA you can find our dealership where i work online. our number is 310-22zero-2two2three. Ask for nick
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