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Simple HT Questions

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So I recently got the speaker bug and outfitted my new homes living area with an ok setup. Its way too big to be used for a HT, like 25x20x20 and open to foyer/dining. I am looking to get into that HT cinema feeling.

I have two rooms upstairs as potential candidates and need some feedback from you guys. They are both 10x14x8, which is not tiny, but definitely not big either.

- Is this size even optimal for a HT?
- Also, one is carpeted and one is wood. I am pretty confident the answer is to go with carpet, but just asking in case wood will help make the room seem larger.

My current speaker setup is below. I can move this upstairs or get a new setup, either way I will have to buy at least 1 setup (replacing living or new for HT)

- Polk Monitor 70's Fronts
- Polk CS2 Center
- Polk Monitor 40's Rears
- Epik Legend Sub
- Denon 2112CI

What would be the maximum size screen I should go with being about 12 feet away? I currently have a 52 LCD, but plan to leave that in the living. I would love to get a projector, but am not sure I would get all the benefit out of it in such a small room.
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I wish I had more to add (and I would in a month or two) but I just wanted to add to your post since I have similar plans. I have Monitor 50's for the front, Monitor 30's for the rear, CS2 for center. My distance will be about 12 feet, THX guidelines say 36 degree viewing angle which is 11.2 feet for a 100 inch screen, so that's my plan. I have a 50 inch tv, that's not even close to what I'm going for. I plan to play with the projector to decide something between 100~120.

I would assume carpet but if it's a light colored carpet you might be better off in the other room with a dark rug?

I'd repurpose the Polks just so you could get something smaller or more visually appealing in your living room.

Maybe play around with this:

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Thank you for the input.

I plan to do the following:

- 1080p projector set to 100" or more
- Move my polks upstairs to the HT.
- Paint the walls deep red / gray etc, the screen wall black.
- Move a large sofa/chaise lounge into the room.

I am having a hard time finding threads that have basic information around HT setups.

- What should I use for the screen? I saw some people DIY, some get expensive, etc.
- Should I use anything on the walls for sound proofing?
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Take a look here for screens.

Great to work with, and a good price. I have the 110" screen, beautiful! AVS is a wonderful source of information, so enjoy he journey.
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Looks like decent prices, ill look into them.

What should I do about the walls. Currently I just plan to pain them dark. Should I do anything additional before painting? Is there any particular paint that might be better for sound proof or should I just paint it and test. If its echoing, I can make some DIY sound absorption boards.
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